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New Volkswagen Logo


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VW's US social media accounts have all be renamed Voltswagen so it seems this is legit. VW might not have been able to avoid announcing the name change April Fool's week if the plan is to kick off the new ad campaign during the Final 4.

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Earlier today, reports came out from CNBC and USA Today that Volkswagen would be rolling out some new branding under the name Voltswagen. It was all detailed in a leaked press release. Considering our proximity to April Fool's Day, a day when many automakers publish silly news announcements, we figured that was the case. Well, we've received word from a source at the company that indicates VW really is going to start badging its electric cars as Voltswagens, and a number of other outlets have received confirmation from sources inside VW, too.

According to CNBC, the new brand name will apply mainly to the company's electric cars, which will feature a badge that says "Voltswagen." They will also get a variant of the main VW badge with a light blue background, rather than dark blue for the internal-combustion cars. The internal-combustion cars will simply continue to get the VW brand and model name.

The new name will apparently be applied exclusively in the U.S., where Voltswagen of America will be part of the Volkswagen Group of America, which is part of the overall Volkswagen AG.

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On 4/1/2021 at 3:25 PM, GeauxColonels said:

Was it? Or did this just give them an easy out to rescind the decision? Hmmmm.....

Either way, its been a bit of a own goal.


However, it managed to get attention to the VW brand, so I guess it worked?

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