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Help with inkscape

Alphabet Man

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maybe this should go somewhere else but....

i need help in the sense that i want to know how to make logos, straight lines and fill the lines (when you make a certain shape out of lines)

i've checked the tfaq and can't find inkscape there....any help would be gratefully appreciated....

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i'll try that!!!! but i still can't get myself off paint!!!!

I eventually did, and am pleased with the results (finally)

I'm still not very good, especially at drawing, but at least I can use an existing logo and change it to look really nice. With Paint, you just can't do that.

My advice would be to kill the inner urge to Paint.

Get used to the vector software, and you'll never regret the time to took to learn it.

If you only use Paint, you'll regret not looking as good as the other guys here each time.


freoaw2.gif Paint version

Fremantle-3.gif - Illustrator version

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just a moment....how long ago was it when you switched them all to illustrator? i remember that particular freo jumper (and yeah, results are a thousand times better)

it's like smoking, paint is addictive (no i'm not chroming)

Since being on this site, around these blokes.

Plus, I started working for a company who have a licenced version of it.

I wouldn't recommend using a stolen version.

The jumpers site would have been updated from December of last year to, well, tonight really, given Freo are wearing a new jumper this weekend.

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how do you apply a gradient to a color in illustrator?

I have Illustrator 10, so hopefully it's the same

In Window, make sure Gradient is checked.

This gives a little box with Color and Attribute tabs, but on the bottom row it has Transparency, Stroke and Gradient tabs.

Click on Gradient.

This brings up the White to Gray slider scale.

You can drag colours from your palette right onto the slider scale, or over the top of the black and/or white.

Play with the look by changing the diamond pointers, and where the colours are on the slider scale.

I hope this helps.

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that freo clash jumper is pretty plain.....is the bacl plain white with a purple number??

I believe so, though we'll find out for certain tonight.

Looks more like a white flag than a white jumper.

I prefer this one:


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