Rumor: Buccaneers to Get New Uniforms??

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1 hour ago, MCM0313 said:

I'm trying to read all your posts in my head using an obnoxious "Ted"-style Boston accent. The idea seems hilarious in theory but has failed to amuse me thus far. 

I'd offer to record vocal tracks of my posts for you, but I haven't had a Ted-style Boston accent since I graduated from college. The faculty-members who were charged with providing instruction in elocution, speech clarity, and accent elimination to the likes of aspiring actors and broadcast journalists were of two minds when it came to dealing with students from Greater Boston: they either looked upon the task as a thankless chore that was liable to break their spirit and drive them out of academia, or they leaned into their inner sadistic tendencies and became overbearing taskmasters hell-bent on wiping away any trace of the traditional, non-rhotic Beantown accent. Given that most of my speech instructors fell into the latter camp, plus the fact that I didn't have an extremely strong Boston/Eastern New England accent to begin with, I've come to possess a General American/Standard American/Broadcast English accent. In fact, when I worked on a television project set in Boston thirteen years ago, I ended up having to work with a dialect coach to beef-up my Boston accent. Crazy.       

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