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NCAA Football Super Series (2019 version)


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Next we head to the relatively small city of Olathe for the powerhouse Cardinals and their triple-red color scheme.


Olathe University

Location: Olathe, Kansas
Type: Private University
Founded: 1919

Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian

Major Rivals: Kansas City, Kansas State

National Championships: 4 1972, 2004, 2009, 2015

National Championship Runner-Up: 2 2011, 2012







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Up next are the mighty Gauchos. They were a superpower winning 3 National Championships in the 1990s, but have fallen off a bit in the past few years.


Phoenix State University

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Type: Public University
Founded: 1922

Major Rivals: Tucson, Arizona Tech

National Championships: 4 1986, 1993, 1996, 1997

National Championship Runner-Up: 1 1985







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Up next we have the Saints with their "Saintly" throwback alternates. In the 1950s-1970s, they wore white helmets with a gold halo.


Wilford Woodruff University

Location: Pocatello, Idaho
Type: Private University
Founded: 1944
Religious Affiliation: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Major Rivals: Wyoming State, Brigham Young

National Championships: 1 2014

National Championship Runner-Up: 2 1963, 1969







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To finish off the Frontier Conference, we have the Wyoming State Bison who get their name from the home of the University, Buffalo, Wyoming.


Wyoming State University

Location: Buffalo, Wyoming
Type: Public University
Founded: 1921

Major Rivals: Wilford Woodruff, Wyoming







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Next we will be heading to the east for the Atlantic 8, which I never finished in the first iteration.




Up first are the Baltimore State Blues named after the Blue Crabs popular in the region.


Baltimore State University

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Type: Public University
Founded: 1913

Major Rivals: Maryland State, DC Tech









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Up next we head to Boston for the Shamrocks.


Boston State University

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Type: Public University
Founded: 1895

Major Rivals: Springfield, Worcester

National Championships: 1 1977

National Championship Runner-Up: 2 1992, 2006







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Up next we have the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs engage in a three way rivalry with New York State and Staten Island, but are bitter rivals with Staten Island, who are also a private Catholic University.


Brooklyn University

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Type: Private University
Founded: 1901
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic

Major Rivals: Staten Island, New York State

National Championships: 1 1978

National Championship Runner-Up: 3 1975, 1976, 1990







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Next we head to Maryland for the Retrievers. Players get a bone for every big play made. The Retrievers wear gold for Atlantic-8 games, saving their white and all-green uniforms for non-conference games.


Maryland State University

Location: Bethesda, Maryland
Type: Public University
Founded: 1908

Major Rivals: Baltimore State, Maryland

National Championship Runner-Up: 2 1983, 2010







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