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Sandwich Day 18 logo design

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Without too much background - long story short my friends and I have been celebrating our semi-personal holiday: Sandwich Day for 17 years (the first Sunday of every Nov - this year Nov 3 is actually national sandwich day).


We rotate hosting and this year is in Albany. I create a logo every year since sandwich day 9. I’m down to the final design and debating between adding an accent color to the rose (NY state flower and homage to Albany’s logo).spacer.png


Love any and all feedback/vote.

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I love when people create logos for personal events/traditions. Also, kudos for keeping this particular tradition going for 18 years.


The font is really attractive. My main issues are; 1) To me, it reads "Sandwich: Day 18," instead of the intended "Sandwich Day: 18," and 2) The banner cutting off the bottom characters looks awkward. Especially on the 'D' and '8'. 


Have you considered putting "Sandwich Day" on the top line and then "18" on the bottom? Or even use the Roman numeral "XVIII" to keep it from being too top heavy. 

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On 9/22/2019 at 7:07 AM, frankofamerica said:

Thanks guys.


After some further research I determined the flower used in the Albany logo is indeed a tulip not a rose https://www.albany.org/things-to-do/events-calendar/annual-events-and-festivals/the-albany-tulip-festival/


i tried “sandwich day” at the top w this font and felt it ran too long/wide. 


Try making the 18 a different color or font.  That way, Sandwich / Day are visually the same and it's the 18 that sticks out.  


Or, just make the logo say Sandwich Day and put a small banner or call out across the top that reads "18th Annual" or something.

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