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Welcome to my first post. I'm gonna introduce to my new fictional baseball league called


International Baseball Association


There will be 40 teams, 4 division, only one winner


Let's introduce our teams


Southeast Division

Biloxi Chips (refer to casino)
Little Rock Diamond Dogs (refer to miners)
New Orleans Crawdads

Fort Lauderdale Oysters
Lexington Mustangs (The Horse capital)
Florida Barracudas
North Carolina High Knicks (refer to stirrups baseball)
Charleston Palmetto Bugs (refer to palmettos, and cockroaches)
Chattanooga Blues
Wheeling Tomahawks

Southwest Division

Colorado Springs Greenbacks
Arizona Firebirds
Austin Bats
Texas Fire Ants
Galveston Shorebirds
Provo Saints
Wichita Falls Railroaders
San Antonio Cannons
San Diego Tuna
Las Vegas Glitters


Northeast Division

New Haven Jays
Rhode Island Sailors (Rhode Island has nautical shipwrecks)
Montgomery County Knights (Refer to Maryland Flags)

Worcestor Shamrocks (Worcestor has the biggest St.Patrick Party)
Scranton Shockers (Known for the Electric City of Pennsylvania)
Trenton Generals
British Columbia Ice Caps
Rochester Green Sox
Burlington Maples
Maine Beacons

Northwest - Midwest Division

Vancouver Totems
Chicago Pizza Hogs (Home of Chicago Styled Pizza)
St.Paul Lakers
Madison Motions
Summit City Cardinals
Omaha Scorpions
Cincinatti Hot Spices
Grand Rapid Highballers (capital of Beers)
Corvallis Timberjacks
Billings Grizzlies




I'll design the teams, and the league logo very soon.. but i might need help. if you wanna help me work on my project, PM me on the messages.

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You’re supposed to have logos ready in your first post or else it will be locked...

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Austin Hurricanes? Austin isn't even close to any coastal sites. They are famous for bats at Congress bridge. You should go with Austin Bats

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Sounds like this needs to be thought out a little more. Once there's some actual concept artwork to be presented, we can revisit. 

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