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NFL uniforms


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I was playing Madden the other night and checking out the uniforms for all of the teams and it got me to thinking what I would do. Since I have no artistic ability or software, I figured I'd just throw some of my ideas out in the open, and you guys could give your imput.

Arizona:I know I'm in the minority, but I love the classic look. To me, the red and white just says tradition, even if it is a crappy one.

Atlanta:Last year, when they came out, I hated the new uniforms, but after seeing them in action and the fact the reds are full-time now, I'd say the pants are the only thing that needs changed.

Baltimore:Too dark...they have a great color scheme and the uniforms look awesome, but in night games, they just look too dark. Maybe if they wore a lighter purple, more like K-State.


Carolina:How about a dark blue home. Something between the black and Carolina blue.


Cleveland:Stay with the orange pants at home, and they're fine.

Cincinnati:Similar to Atlanta, but just lose the god-awful white panel on the black jerseys.

Dallas:For whatever reason, I just think the team needs a change. I don't know what it would be, and I don't think it should be too drastic, just something needs to be done. Perhaps clean up their new practice jerseys and make them their whites?

Denver:I don't know, I just don't know. I love the Orange Crush look, but the current set just looks so more professional...I just don't know what to think.

Detroit:After the addition of the black, they look fine, but the facemask is a little much.

Green Bay:These should be in a museum for years to come as the perfect example of a professional football uniform.

Houston:Lighten the blue, and you'd have one of the best sets in the NFL.

Indy:The grey isn't so bad, but with the goofy new facemasks (like Peyton) it's pretty pointless.

Jacksonville:Why all the black??? WHY?!?!?!?!

Kansas City:Kinda like Dallas, I think something should be done, but I don't know what it should be. The look is classic and shouldn't be touched, but I think it can be updated somewhat, but the only things I can think of would look completely forced.

Miami:Keep the orange jerseys safely locked away. Whoever came up with those must have been very close to Ricky.

Minnesota:I really can't think of anything to say. I don't want to like them, but I can't find anything really wrong with them.

New England:Pat Patriot should be worn once or twice a year, but no more. Oh, and the silver jerseys are just a dumb idea.

NY Giants:Either of the last two uniforms would be fine.

NY Jets:Don't get me wrong, I love the classic look, and it should be used at least once a year, but Jets is a futuristic name, and should have a futuristic look.

New Orleans:If they're going to have black pants and gold jerseys they should be worn together and with nothing else.

Oakland:Perfect (And yes, I hate the team)

Philly:No black jerseys ever again, please.

Pittsburgh:Go back to the jerseys from the early '90's and keep yellow jerseys as concepts only.

St. Louis:I'm torn. Much like the Broncos, I like the older look a lot, but the newer just looks so much more professional, that it would be a downgrade to switch back.

San Diego:Two words-Powder. Blue.

San Francisco:Something about them is just asking to be changed, but I don't know what.

Seattle:Nice look, and the monochrome is one of the few that works.

Tampa:God help me, but I miss Bucco Bruce, and I don't know why. The current look is great, but man, it just isn't the same. Maybe because it was unique?

Tennessee:I hate the stupid shoulder yoke, but I do like the light blue, even with the dark shoulders.

Washington:Is there anyone who thinks it would be bad if the spear helmet replaced the indian head?

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I agree with most of what you said, with a couple of exceptions:

Detroit-the current set looks alright, but to me the old jerseys were classic and they really should go back.

Minnesota-maybe some purple pants to liven up the dull all-white roads (but NEVER to be worn with the home jerseys).

San Fran-just go back to the 80's look with the brown pants. Please.

Dallas-maybe go back to the old number font, and pick one color of silver. Or just bring back the double-star jerseys full time. :rolleyes:

I totally agree about the Steelers, good call, they need to go back to the block numbers and ditch those gay Bears-ripoff pieces of crap. And Cincinatti, hope you're listening too.

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you want my take? :) regardless of your answer, here it is.

Arizona: i love it, but red is my favorite color... that exact color of red. i actually think some things on their uniform need to be simplified, like taking out any signs of red or yellow in socks, pants stripes, or sleeve logos. ditch the state flag on the whites too, if they're still there ...

Atlanta: now that red is home, i love it... when black was home, it was still cool... my only complaint is that the logo on the helmet is always facing forward, which means one side of the helmet, it's not even an F anymore. but that's very minor.

Baltimore: i hate the team with a passion, but i think they look pretty damn cool. only thing i'd change is dropping the black jersey, using the black pants less often, and getting B out of the raven's skull... i'd actually use the crest logo on the helmets too.

Buffalo: terrible terrible terrible... they should have just slightly updated the traditional look. not gone insane with it.

Carolina: not a huge fan of it, but it's not bad... i'd like to see the carolina blue used more often.

Chicago: uniform perfection.

Cleveland: to be completely honest, i love the home/road unis, but i can't stand the orange one. the team is called the BROWNS. they should downplay the orange, and play up the brown... i also think they white jersey needs brown pants.

Cincinnati: i liked the old ones better... the news ones just confuse me. and i hate the stupid B logo.

Dallas: just pick one freakin' shade of blue, one shade of silver, and keep the designs the same. it's a classic, but with all the changes they've made to the navy blue jersey, it makes the whites look like a throwback. just get some consistency, and you'll be golden.

Denver: keith is going to yell at me, but i like the orange jerseys the best. they should be the primary. i like the tradition in the orange look, and i think there's not enough bright colors in sports. like the flyers, the broncos need to wear more orange.

Detroit: i love them. very good update, imo. the old ones didn't have enough definition between colors.

Green Bay: another classic. anything other than very minor changes is a tragedy.

Houston: once again, i hate this team with a passion (do you blame me? i'm a titans fan (their favorite team), living in dallas (their favorite city)... i bet houston LOOOVES me.) but they did uniforms right. the blues, whites, and reds are all magnificent, and the logo is damn near perfect and timeless.

Indy: hate the team, but the uniforms are pretty neato. i like uniforms with those shoulder stripes.

Jacksonville: i can't hate the new all-black look too much, because i spent so long hoping they'd kill the teal. teal is one of the tackiest colors in my opinion... i hate the over-use of black on these uniforms, but i hated the teal even more. i just think they need a complete and total uniform make-over. new colors, new logo, new everything.

Kansas City: ohhh.. it's a classic... so what? it needs a lot of work. the helmet is the only place on the entire uniform that uses black... and the helmet is the only place on the entire uniform that DOESN"T use yellow. outline the arrowhead in black, then yellow... then add black outlines to the uniforms, like the lions did. yellow shouldn't touch white. it bleeds together.

Miami: i hate the team, but they look pretty cool, teal and all... i even like the orange jersey, because i tend to like a few ugly monstrosities (like the preds alternates)

Minnesota: the logo needs to be modernized a little (like my concept a while back), nothing drastic, just make it less pencil-drawn, and you've got a winner... also, i'd prefer if the home and road had the same uniform layout, preferably with shoulder stripes on the purple... but either way, they're a nice looking team.

New England: wear pat patriot throwbacks, but other than that, i love it. especially the silver jersey. it's only subtley different than the whites, but i like it.

NY Giants: fine as it is, even though i hate the team ...

NY Jets: how is jets futuristic? it's not "super space age jet rockets".. a jet is a plane. nothing futuristic about it :) leave the unis as is, only ditch the green pants. helmets are more than perfect.

New Orleans: they should bring back the outlines from the old uniforms, to make the numbers more readable... again, yellow/gold shouldn't touch white. it bleeds together.

Oakland: perfect... evil, but perfect.

Philly: it's not bad... i love the shade of green they use, but i think they're going overboard with updating it. too much black... actually, i'm not sure if it's too much black, as much as it's not enough NON green/black colors. they should use more white and silver in there too, so they don't look solid dark all the time.

Pittsburgh: pretty good... the whites could use some work, but i'd hate to see any MAJOR changes

St. Louis: hate the team, but outstanding uniforms.

San Diego: i love the powder blue more than most people... however, a long time ago on this forum, someone said something that really stuck with me about the powder blue jersey... the reason it's so special is because it's a once or twice a year sorta thing. there's nothing at all wrong with the current home/road of the bolts... but they should always wear that powder blue jersey a few times a year, just for history's sake.

San Francisco: very well updated from the original. classy.

Seattle: best uniform update in my tenure as a fan. i love it. such a unique color scheme... i think they even made up their own color for it, with that greyish greenish blueish navy :) not to mention they get bonus points for lime green. outstanding. i love the head-to-toe blue.

Tampa: another clean and wonderful uniform, with great colors. i'd drop the orange out of the number outlines, because the orange looks out of place to me... and i think they should mimic the chargers, and wear the gay pirate creamsicle more often. sure, it's tacky, but it's unique. i'd wear a buccs throwback before i'd wear the current ones... but if i ran the team, they'd wear the currents. it's too good to not wear, while i only like the creamsicle uniform because it's tacky and bright.

Tennessee: my favorite team... so maybe i'm biased. it's not my favorite uniform in sports, but it's definately not bad enough to warrant a change. if they did change the uniforms, i'd want them to go more simplistic, and maybe update the oilers look... i also think they should wear the oilers throwbacks every time they play the texans :) just to rub it in.

Washington: i've got native american heritage, so i'm offended by the name, to be quite honest... but i see nothing at all wrong with the uniforms or logo. i actually like the logo, for the same reasons i love the blackhawks look. it's just professional and clean... but a name that is a blatant racial slur? not a fan of it... chiefs, blackhawks, braves... those names are fine... but redskins?! why not have the atlanta blackskins, or the toronto paleboys? :) but again, this wasn't about team names. it was about uniforms, and they've got very clean unis, and i love the color scheme.dark red, with bright yellow really has the contrast that pops. if they ever change that yellow to vegas gold, i'll lose all respect for uniform designers.

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Denver: keith is going to yell at me, but i like the orange jerseys the best. they should be the primary. i like the tradition in the orange look, and i think there's not enough bright colors in sports. like the flyers, the broncos need to wear more orange.

Amen brother. :notworthy: Just change the navy back to royal blue and it's perfection.

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Arizona: i love it, but red is my favorite color... that exact color of red. i actually think some things on their uniform need to be simplified, like taking out any signs of red or yellow in socks, pants stripes, or sleeve logos. ditch the state flag on the whites too, if they're still there ...

I would like to do my take on this as well, but I'm reformatting my hard drive today..woo-hoo! It's gonna be great.

Anyway, I just wanted to address my beloved Cards here...the only Yellow in the Cardinals' uniforms is in the beak of the primary logo, and in the Arizona state flag on the White jerseys. Last season, Emmitt Smith requested the team only wear the Cardinal Red-topped socks with BOTH sets of pants...previously, they wore White socks with Red and Blue stripes on them with the Red pants. Now, the only Blue is in the small stripes on the White jerseys and in the Arizona state flag.

Trivia: the Red in the Arizona state flag is a slightly different shade than the traditional Cardinal Red. And...the Cardinal Red changed a little bit in 1996.

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Houston: once again, i hate this team with a passion (do you blame me? i'm a titans fan (their favorite team), living in dallas (their favorite city)... i bet houston LOOOVES me.) but they did uniforms right. the blues, whites, and reds are all magnificent, and the logo is damn near perfect and timeless.


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Sorry but I actually Like all the newest changes ( Buffalo, Seattle, Atlanta, Bengals,etc...)

There are only a few uniforms that bug me out:

Carolina: The logo doesn't agree with me. I hate the helmet and pants strips.

Denver: Again, I just don't like the flaring stripes.

New Orleans: Get all the gold to match!

Cardinals: OK. You're the oldest team. You're also the crapiest team. get a look!

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This has been done to death in the past, but who cares....its so much fun!

Arizona: Love 'em.

Atlanta: Liked the days of the red helmet better. At least they went with more red and to be honest I think they look nice.

Baltimore: Hate 'em.

Buffalo: Worst uniforms in the NFL.

Carolina: Just use the alternate blue for home games and silver pants for road games (too close to dallas and detroit?) and these would be perfect.

Chicago: Love 'em.

Cleveland: Love 'em.

Cincinnati: Jury is still out on the new versions, but overall (mainly the helmet) still a classic.

Dallas: Love 'em. Although I really like those practice jerseys too. But like everyone says: pick a blue already!

Denver: Hate 'em, I mean Love 'em...actually put me down for "eh"

Detroit: Love 'em

Green Bay: Love 'em

Houston: The best uniforms in the NFL. Yes I'm a homer, but I really do believe that. I prayed and prayed they would come out with something nice and timeless. They did exactly that. Perfection in uniforms.

Indy: Love 'em but not sure why they went to the grey facemask.

Jacksonville: Used to Love 'em....now I'm just confused.

Kansas City: Love 'em.

Miami: Love 'em. But those old throwbacks looked really nice last thanksgiving.

Minnesota: Love 'em, especially after they fixed the purple on the helmet to match the uniforms.

New England: Loved the old, love the new...wasn't fond of the one in between.

NY Giants: Love 'em.

NY Jets: Love 'em.

New Orleans: Loved those throwbacks they wore last year or the year before. But the new ones are pretty good.

Oakland: Love 'em.

Philly: Never really liked these uniforms for some reason. Don't really know why, just don't.

Pittsburgh: Love 'em

St. Louis: Hate 'em. Go back to the yellow!

San Diego: Most people say go back to the powder blue....I say go back to the eighties versions!


San Francisco: Can't say I love 'em...but nothing really wrong with them either.

Seattle: Torn on this one. Loved the old and I "think" I like the new ones....I just still miss the old ones too much.

Tampa: Loved the old ones, but I understand why they changed. And in this case change was good.

Tennessee: Hate 'em. Sorry, this really really (I promise!!) really is not just because of who the team is. I just think they look bad. Columbia Blue and Red: Good.....Columbia Blue, Red, Dark Blue, Silver with stripes on the shoulders and tappered helmet stripes oh so bad. I miss the Oiler uniforms...luckily I have a ton of old Oiler games on tape I can relive.

Washington: I never really liked them until they used the spear for a season...I was glad to see them back.

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Arizona: either make face masks red, or add grey drop shadows to the #'s

Atlanta: LOVE the switch the Reds permanently.

Baltimore: blah....the bird logo is alright, but would be better w/o the B.

Buffalo: i dont hate them as much as everyone else does (maybe its because im a big HOMER). i actually really like the Blue jersey, but the white needs work. On both, the #s should be moved to the shoulders, and the charging Buffalo added to the sleeves. On the white away, fill in the navy blue shoulder area with white, but keep the thin blue piping, just like the home jerseys. i think that piping makes the bills uni's unique. i could also do without the red side stripes, but they're not too bad...

Carolina: use the alternate blue permanetely at home, and change the white pants to black, with a blue slash/stripe.

Chicago: classy, traditional and good.

Cleveland: PERFECT. (other than the orange alternates...) never never never change the helmet either.

Cincinnati: would be awesome without the gay white side panels.

Dallas: pick one shade of blue, one shade of silver, and STICK WITH IT! bring back the double-star unis more often too.

Denver: not bad. they've really grown on me over the years

Detroit: the addition of black was very "meh".....

Green Bay: classy, traditional and good

Houston: very, very nice. nothing at all wrong with them. the red alts. are nice too.

Indy: grey facemask killed an otherwise very nice set. i think they should add a second blue stripe to the helmet to match the shoulders and pants.

Jacksonville: why, oh why would you wreck one of the nicest schemes in the league!? all the black destroyed an awesome combo of teal and gold. the AOC Black look is among the ugliest combos ive ever seen.

Kansas City: no opinon....very plain, could stand an update

Miami: please burn those orange alts....

Minnesota: love the new metallic helmets....everything else is good too

New England: nicest # style in the league, very nice sets too. silvers are kinda pointless. they just look like a dirty white uni.

NY Giants: Love 'em.

NY Jets: Love 'em.

New Orleans: see KC

Oakland: Love 'em.

Philly: nice, modern look. again, the black alts are pointless.

Pittsburgh: not bad. maybe add some black pants w/ yellow stripes

St. Louis: one of the nicest in the league


San Francisco: Can't say I love 'em...but nothing really wrong with them either.

Seattle: Best Unis in the league, and best helmets in the league.

Tampa: Good set. wish they would use the white pants a little more often though.

Tennessee: not bad...

Washington: love em, but i wish the spear helmet was used more often. like a few years ago when they wore them at all the home games.

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Kansas City:...outline the arrowhead in black, then yellow... then add black outlines to the uniforms, like the lions did. yellow shouldn't touch white. it bleeds together.

You know what, except for the yellow outline on the helmets, that is exactly what I was thinking. Until a profile on the team's uniform history in the game programs last year, I didn't even realize the numbers were outlined in yellow. Just a thin black line around the numbers would be a great touch and it wouldn't really change anything.

As for the Chargers, you know, that really makes sense. If it wouldn't go against everything I think a uniform should be (meaning uniform) I wouldn't be too against the team just rotating every uniform they've ever worn. They've all been great.

I know jets themselves aren't futuristic anymore, but the name connotes speed, high flight, etc. The team uses some of the "slowest" looking uniforms in the game if that makes any sense at all.

I also didn't talk about Buffalo, so here goes:The 46 billion stripes on the helmet are useless, the road jerseys make my eyes sore, but you know, I like the blue jerseys. The darker blue, much like STL and Denver, makes the franchise just seem more professional. Cut back on the helmet stripes and get rid of the shoulder yoke on the roads, and I think this would be a fine looking set.

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im only going to do my 2 favorit teams:

chargers- the current look is to bland. i love the powder blue unis, but wearing them to much would lose their appeal. go back to the eighties look like swisherHOU suggested, and use the powder blues once or twice a year.

cardinals- 1) keep helmet and logo the way it is. for the red jersey have titans like shoulders, but make them red like the jerseys. ouitline the shoulders with white piping. use an white, intalic, simpified (no outlines) version of the titans #s. stick the cardinal head on the sleaves. #s on shoulders. for the pants use the current white pants with red topped socks. for the away jerseys have a white jersey, with white titans shoulders. outline the shoulders in red piping. use a red version of the home # font. cardinal head on sleaves. #s on shoulders. use curent red pants with red topped socks.

or go back to this


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Arizona: Much as i like the arizona cards traditional look, a slight modernization wouldn't hurt the team. Nothing radical just a slight modernization like on the 49ers. I'd like to see the running cardinal brought back too.

Atlanta: The Falcons needed a change for sometime. I actually like the uniforms. They should have gone back to red last year. Black Helmet-Red Uniforms, best falcon combo.

Baltimore: I like the darkness of the Ravens. Not much you can do with the ravens.

Buffalo: This is just a mess. A complete overhaul wouldn't hurt the team.

Carolina: I like the logo, and i like the black scheme. I however don't like the blue jerseys. Another set that you really can't do anything with.

Chicago: Fine as is.

Cleveland: I like the scheme as is. No need to mess with tradition. They should just stick to the scheme of the early 90's browns and stop with the excess orange stuff. Looks good as a helmet color, bad as a jersey or pant color.

Cincinnati: Like the Bills, a complete overhaul wouldn't hurt the Bengals.

Dallas: They should change to the uniforms I've seen them wear in various shots of them in practice. Maybe go with a white helmet and a single colored blue star. It's really time to just go for a change.

Denver: They should keep the horse logo but go with a modernization of there old uniforms.

Detroit: Overhaul completely.

Green Bay: Fine as is. Kinda like to see the "Player running in the wisconson logo" brought back.

Houston:no light blue. absolutely no light blue, baby blue or powder blue. The Texans have a perfect scheme. leave it alone.

Indy: I actually like the darker uniforms with gray facemasks. Its like a full time retro.

Jacksonville: the more they tinker with the uniforms the worse they get. they were fine as is.

Kansas City: the scheme and logo is fine, only suggestion is to bring back the "running chief through the plains states" logo

Miami: i used to always like the old dolphins look, but when i saw them last year during the thanksgiving game, im glad they changed to there current look.

Minnesota: No need to bother the jerseys. they are fine as is.

New England: Drop the blue jersey and go with a red version and you have a perfect color scheme. oh yeah, drop the silver jersey.

NY Giants: i hated the old "giants" word mark helmet look. I loved the "NY" jerseys when i first saw them.

NY Jets: I hated the gang green jerseys of the 80's. They did them selves a favor in going back to the the retro look. Excellent look

New Orleans: i like the scheme, just bring back the Louisiana state alternate they had for a while

Oakland: No need to mess with the jerseys.

Philly: I like the modernization but the wings should be on the sleves and the bird head should be on the helmets. Bring back the silver pants. The modernization was a welcomed change.

Pittsburgh: Change the font style to the old steeler font and they are perfect

St. Louis: They needed a "st. louis" identity for a while now. I personally like the blue and gold.

San Diego:I cringe when i see the powder blue jerseys. I absolutely hate the baby blue, light blue, powder blue look; which is why i hate the thrashers 3rds. Im not sure if the chargers really need to change them, a third is all they need.

San Francisco: I always felt the old montana era jerseys were a bit, well boring. I did like the throw back white pants they wore during the super bowl run in 94. THe modernization is an example of changing a classic with out radically destroying the uniforms.

Seattle: i like the logo and to some extent the colors, i just don't dig the uniforms. Dark Jersey on light pants is what they should go with. I just don't like the mono crome look. It needs more work.

Tampa: I always thought they should bring back the pirate head but use the current color scheme. Which is perfect, just bring back the pirate head logo. I hated the old pop sickle look. The pewter and black is fine as is and i really like the alternate logo. The helmet logo now is a bit, hurricanish.

Tennessee: They just need a totally new color scheme and a jersey design. I didn't like the Oilers scheme in houston, and i don't like the titants oileresque scheme. I wished the houston oilers went with the color scheme of the edmonton oilers.

Washington: The uniforms are fine as is. The spear head should be brought back as a third but nothing more.

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New England: Drop the blue jersey and go with a red version and you have a perfect color scheme. oh yeah, drop the silver jersey.

im going to have to use the argument that B in B has used so well on many occasions.

during the american revolution there were the patriots (americans) and the british. the patriots wore blue uniforms and the british wore red uniforms (hence the nick-name "red coats"). it wouldnt make sence for a sports team named the patriots to wear red, because historically the patriots fought against the "red coats." it would, however, make sence for a team named the patriots to wear blue or navy because that was the colour(s) worn by the patriot army during the revolution.

so now put urself in the shoes of the ne patriots today. u want to have a third jersey. using the logic above, u dont want to use a trowback as ur regular alt. also using this logic means u cant use a red version of ur current jersey (that, and a red pats jersey would look to much like the texans alt.). so u are left with the one colour in ur scheme (besides red) that dosnt have its own jersey, silver! its prety ingenious actually. its to light to be worn against a white uni, so it would have to be worn against a coloured uni. this would bring a sence of freshness to the game. every football game is colour vs white (like the other 3 major sports). now u can have a game thats colour vs silver. just something fresh & different.

i cant wait until the raiders pull out their silver alts. imagin, oakland vs san diego with powder blue vs silver :notworthy:

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