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Players who wore the Original & the Throwback

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With the number of throwback jerseys/uniforms that teams seem to wear, some players get the chance to throw back to a set they wore earlier in their career.


A few examples off the top of my head.


Luc Robitaille - LA Kings

1986-88 Forum Blue and Gold jerseys & 2003-04 Throwbacks

spacer.png spacer.png  

spacer.png spacer.png



Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry - Anaheim Ducks

2005-06 Mighty Ducks Home Uniform & 2013-14 Throwback

spacer.png spacer.png

 spacer.png spacer.png



Shane Doan - Arizona Coyotes

1996-2003 Kachina Black Uniform & 2015-17 Throwback

spacer.png spacer.png


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The 49ers wore 1980s/90s throwbacks in 2002 (vs. Philadelphia on MNF), 2005 (vs. Tampa Bay), 2006 (vs. Minnesota and Arizona), and 2007 (vs. Arizona and St. Louis).


In 2002, the only players left over that wore the pre-1996 style were J.J. Stokes, Derrick Deese, Bryant Young, and Dana Stubblefield.


In 2005, Bryant Young was around long enough to wear them for the third time. And then again in 2006... and again in 2007.

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Can't believe I forgot Selanne. Half of his time in Anaheim was in that jersey!


Went down the rabbit hole and found 4 more NHL examples.


Martin Brodeur - New Jersey Devils

1991-92 Red/Green Uniform & 2010-17 Throwback (He wore the throwback more times than he did the original)

spacer.png spacer.png



Patrick Marleau - San Jose Sharks

1997-98 Teal Jersey & 2015-16 Throwback

spacer.png spacer.png



Ryan Smyth - Edmonton Oilers

1994-96 Blue and White Jerseys & 2011-14 Throwbacks (Main set rather than worn occasionally like all the others on this list)

spacer.png spacer.png


spacer.png spacer.png



Lastly, other than the addition of the front number, there's

Martin Biron - Buffalo Sabres

1995-96 Blue Jersey & 2006-07 Throwback (Looks like he only wore each jersey for 2 games)

spacer.png spacer.png

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Reggie Miller - Indiana Pacers (NBA) 

Road Uniform from 1987-1990

Throwback Uniform from 2004-2005




Derek Fisher - Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

Home Uniform from 1996-1999

Throwback Uniform from 2007-2008


2773-702773Bk.jpg bo-outlaw-of-the-orlando-magic-dribbles-


Bo Outlaw - Orlando Magic (NBA)

Home Uniform from 1997-1998

Throwback Uniform from 2005-2006



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On 10/22/2019 at 2:12 PM, Brandon9485 said:

What is going on here?


Jazz signed Larry H. Miller to a 10-day contract after two of their PGs got injured.







Just kidding. LHM just came out dressed like that for the first throwback game to the "delight" of all Jazz fans.

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