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NASCAR Darlington Throwback Sketches


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NASCAR concepts? Crazy, I know. Anyway, I was just messing around watching college football and had a few ideas so I sketched these out. The throwback weekend they do at Darlington is absolutely awesome, so I had some fun and threw back to a few different eras, but the most common was the 2000s, since that’s my childhood and I wish I could see some of those schemes on track again. Here’s what I got:


Let’s tackle these one by one, in numerical order:



Throwing back to Kevin Harvick’s scheme from the mid 2000s. One of my favorite designs from my childhood. I figured that if Joey Logano can throw back to Harvick after the “fire suit” comments way back when, maybe Austin Dillon can have some fun with the “silver spoon” comments. Tiny detail: where there was a 3 on the original, I placed a 29. Kinda hard to make out, unfortunately, but I am on my phone so maybe it looks clearer in a larger size.



I know Chase Elliott has *technically* already done a throwback to this car of his father’s, but in my opinion, they did not do it right at all. Through use of Mountain Dew’s Code Red variation, it’s possible to get the car to actually resemble the original. 



Another driver throwing back to his dad, Ryan Blaney gets to reference the time Dave spent with Bill Davis Racing. One of my absolute favorite paint schemes of all time, I used to have a poster of it in my bedroom. In a perfect world, I’d have him and Joey Logano swap numbers, but I rolled with the more realistic option, keeping Blaney in the 12. 



Jeff Gordon threw back to the rainbow warriors, William Byron threw back to the rainbow warriors, but no one ever brought back the first DuPont, errr Axalta flames paint scheme, which, in my opinion, is the best the 24 ever looked. I tried to work Axalta into the shape of the old DuPont logo, rather than going with the giant A logo, which I thought looked pretty bad on the rainbow throwbacks. 



A tribute to this beaut. I really don’t have much reasoning other than it’s a good looking car that is also number 42 and hasn’t been thrown back to yet. 



Just something fun, I hope y’all enjoy! I might do others, depends how I feel. If you think of one you’d like to see, drop it in the suggestion box! (no promises tho)

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