my NFL rules change to reduce reliance on kicking

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9 hours ago, the admiral said:

Where do Gorilla Plays fit into all this

I’ve been very consistent in my vision for this rule, so I’m not sure why you’d think I’d waver now. You can still deploy the gorilla, but you’d need 4 or 5 birds, and maybe a harness, to get it off the ground. It doesn’t get an exception to the feet-on-ground rule. 

eventually, breeders will start making  winged gorillas, at which point - like I want to do with kicking - we’ll need to re-examine the rule and see if it still makes sense. 

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2 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

I think you just like arguing with me lately, but as I’ve explained, I don’t like that you only have to drive to the 35 or 40 to come away with points, and that once teams get into FG range at end of games (like LAR did vs SEA) they shut it down and just take the assumed 3 pts (which didn’t work out for LAR, but that’s the exception).  I want teams to have to keep matriculating the ball and not go into conservative mode as soon as they hit the 30. 

the rules were written in a different era, before specialized kicking was really a thing. I just think the rules should update with the times, like how the NBA changed it’s lanes once 7’2” centers were invented. 

No we just have opposite views on a lot of things. I don’t think kicking should be minimized. Should it be tougher sure, I do thing reducing the space between the uprights is a good idea, but further changing the rules to try to manipulate the strategy of the game I don’t agree with. I also don’t think teams are trying to ever score a field goal currently other than at the final minute of close games. Teams are always trying to get into the end zone but the chance at points are more valuable than a turnover on downs so that’s why teams don’t go for it on 4th down currently. 

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