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2019 MLB Postseason thread


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I’ve watched virtually no baseball this year, so these predictions will be even more worthless than usual.


National League


Nationals beat Brewers


Dodgers beat Nats in 4

Cards beat Braves in 5


Dodgers beat Cards in 6


American League


A’s beat Rays


Astros beat A’s in 3

Twins beat Yankees in 5


Astros beat Twins in 5


World Series

Astros beat Dodgers in 7

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I'm going to the Brewers-Nationals game tonight. My uncle managed to get us tickets for seats near the Brewers' dugout (which is impressive considering he no longer works for the team). I've never been to a playoff game for any league and I honestly don't have much of a rooting interest either.


Just hoping for that experience of Baseball in October.

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So with the Brewers-Nationals game tonight it marks the second time that there was a playoff meeting between two teams from the same expansion class (granted there is relocation and league swapping in this case). The only other time was the 1986 NLCS between the Mets and Astros. 

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Yankees def. Twins - 3-1

Rays def. Astros - 3-1 (upset!)


Yankees def. Rays - 4-3




Dodgers def. Nationals - 3-2 (erasing a 2-1 deficit along the way)

Braves def. Cardinals - 3-1


Dodgers def. Braves - 4-1


Yankees def. Dodgers - 4-1


The calculus in the AL changes entirely if the A's win the wild card; the Astros would slice through the A's like a knife through warm butter. Objectively, the Astros go all the way in that scenario. From my biased POV, I'm still going to say the Yankees win it because I don't need to be objective here. The NL is unaffected if the Brewers win tonight other than that the Dodgers will have easier passage into the NLCS.

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