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2019 MLB Postseason thread


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On 10/2/2019 at 3:45 AM, Jake3.roo said:

Nationals over Braves in 5 (MVP Max Scherzer)


Astros over Yankees in 5 (MVP George Springer)


Nationals win World Series over Astros in 7 games

MVP Juan Soto, Sports Illustrated Headline: BRYCE WHO?

pre-postseason predictions looking goooood

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Good Win for the Nats tonight. 

They really needed to take at least 1 in Houston, also proved to everyone they aren't going to be the pushovers everyone thought they'd be against Houston. 


Nationals are really starting to give off that same vibe the St. Louis Blues had. 

-Both were teams that were in the basement for most of the season

-Rather than blowing it all up, they stuck together & rallied around each other

-Slowly clawed their way to a postseason berth

-Everything starting clicking in the playoffs.  


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Love this. Houston is so unbelievably delusional when it comes to their teams, and I'm including the players and coaches along with the fans. I saw Astros idiots all over the place today (in Austin 150 miles away) loading up their trucks with cheap beer puffing their collective chests out to anyone who noticed their Astro crap. Overhearing gems like "Cole ain't gonna give up a hit, let alone a run."  

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9 hours ago, McCarthy said:

This is why I refused to dignify you "the ALCS is the real World Series" turds. It's baseball. 


Now, the Astros could win the next 4, but it still doesn't mean the ALCS was the real World Series. 


Yeah but the Yankees played in the ALCS. How could anything else in baseball possibly matter!??!?

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31 minutes ago, Dolphins Dynasty said:

It's the navy uniforms, guys! It's the navy uniforms!


They're undefeated I think. They've been on such a role when wearing em', they should wear them in every remaining game, home and road lol.

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I was talking to my mom before the start of the series and I told her I had the Astros in 6. She said Nats in 4, and she would bet me a fancy dinner they were gonna do it. I took that bet because that’s some easy money right there. 



Looks like like I might be paying for Ruth’s Chris or something later this year 😳

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