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2019-20 NBA Thread of Threads


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9 hours ago, LMU said:

The momentum swung when AD went down and they couldn’t fully recover. I thought he blew out his Achilles from how he was walking. If AD gets a couple days of treatment and hopefully an injection he should be good to go and give LBJ another option for Game 6 since Butler has to be on fumes at this point.


I suspected Achilles as well at first. I'm guessing a lot of people did. Easiest thing to think when someone goes down and their heel is the reason for it.

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DG winning on a 3 would have been a better moment.  But, the Lakers blowing the roof off the barn is a great testament to how complete and dominant LA has been this postseason.


James wins his first "easy" title since 2012, and he did in the west -- when he was told he never could -- and he did in year 17.


The game was a stinker, but the championship is incredible. Congratulations Lakers. I've been sports entertained this season, which started a million years ago in July 2019 when I saw AD and LeBron hanging out together in Vegas. This is awesome.

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10 minutes ago, Rockstar Matt said:

How sweet it is. Banner 17. 


I'm no Lakers fan, but I respect them enough to be satisfied that they caught up to the Celtics. 


by the way, Has anyone tried to Google "NBA Champions" and noticed fireworks on the screen? 

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I mean this in the best way possible but with all the hoopla and storylines that have come out of this season, with COVID and the bubble, the Lakers winning it all seems pretty forgettable. Sure it was a nice honor to Kobe, but that feels so long ago already. I think a Nuggets vs Heat final or a Clippers vs Bucks final or something would've been so much more exciting and memorable. Instead we get a stacked Lakers team winning yet another championship. 
That said, congrats to AD and Rondo, my two UK guys on the rings. Hopefully this isn't the last for either of them. 

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