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Oakland Athletics Wheel of Relocation


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20 hours ago, JerseyJimmy said:

I think in terms of southern expansion, the only two real options are Nashville and Charlotte (maybe New Orleans in a past life), and Charlotte is much closer to the Atlanta Sphere of Influence than Nashville is. not factoring in a potential A's move, the play to get to 32 teams would probably be Montreal and Nashville.

If the A's end up in Las Vegas, then probably Nashville and Montreal. Not really a big push for Charlotte at the moment.

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There aren't 780 MLB-caliber players, let alone 832.  I assume that quality of play doesn't have much of an impact on revenue, but it's really frustrating to watch a game where half the players aren't even good AAA players let alone MLB, and in some cases, are just AAAA players that are here today, gone tomorrow, then back in a month, etc.


Obviously, there's always going to be a bell curve whether we're talking about calibrating 780 players or 700 so what is a "MLB-caliber player" is a moving target, but I really wish there was contraction rather than the inevitable expansion.


For what it's worth, Phillies president Dave Dombrowski stepped away from the Nashville Stars project to join the Phillies but I'm pretty sure he's still involved in some capacity, and said he'd leave the Phillies if they somehow got a team, even though even if the decision was made today, it'd still be years before a pitch could be thrown there.

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