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MLB 2019 Changes

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MLB Baseball Players Wearing Black and White Uniforms This Weekend

August 23, 2019 - 15:00 PM

Starting Friday and continuing on through Sunday, all Major League Baseball teams and players will either wear all black or all white uniforms — this includes all white or black cap logos and jersey logos to complete a total head-to-toe […]


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While the overall uniforms are absolutely garbage, I don’t mind all-black as a general concept. Put team colored scripts/numbers on them and I wouldn’t mind maybe the White Sox and/or Pirates using black jerseys over black pants as an alternate. 

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Love to celebrate players' individuality by giving them uniforms that make it impossible for me to identify them! I'm sure someone somewhere thinks this looks fire emoji fire emoji fire emoji, but like the Marlins alternate, it fails as a uniform and shouldn't be allowed on the field.

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This has to be MLB trolling everybody. 


@Cujo mentioned this to me earlier and I have to agree. This is EASILY the worst uniform promotion I've ever seen. I simply cannot think of one single example amongst all of the ill-conceived uniform ideas I've ever seen over the years that's worse than this one. 



Has MLB done anything good with itself since Rob Manfred took over? It really does feel like the entire sport has fallen off a cliff since Selig left. No credit to Selig because he was mostly trash too, and some of that may be a coincidence and it was probably teetering on the edge for years before it finally slipped off, but there's gotta be some connection here.


I'm truly astonished at how quickly baseball went from being my absolute favorite thing in the world to something I couldn't care any less about. 

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All-in-all, Selig will probably go down as one of the most successful baseball commissioners of all time. It's an amazing twenty year stretch where owners made gobs of money, players made gobs of guaranteed money, local TV/radio contracts skyrocketed, parity was in place, new stadiums were abundant, team relocations were minimal, and the creation of the hugely-successful MLBAM was way ahead of the other big three.

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