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MLB 2019 Changes

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Received a few hats today; Marlins ST hat is really nice. The blue is a great color, and the red is a bright red (with a touch of orange)...it's definitely not a true scarlet. Looks great in person. However, the hats were all jacked up, quality wise. Brims were stiff, assembled off-center (the worst is when you're wearing the hat lined up at true north, and the brim is pointing +/- 10 degrees). 


Also received an A's 2019 clubhouse hat (green with the front-facing elephant). Cool hat. Great logo. I like the two-toned rubber logo they used for this series...it creates a rather interesting 3-D effect.


As with all New Era hats...Shop Runner is an asset if you can find a promo for it. 

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The Twins were planning to introduce hats featuring the logo from last year's Players Weekend caps, TC inside the outline of Minnesota. Evidently they chose not to follow through with those plans. The logo was supposed to appear on the BP/ST caps as well as the St Paddy's Day caps.

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My .02 on the rays. 1) The devil gradient is like bucco Bruce. Bad teams and it’s really appreciated now as nostalgia, but you wouldn’t want it as your look. I could take that anniversary cap with their current jerseys, but if you’re gonna throwback, then wear the correct hat. 2) the green was their most unique look, but it was rather bland and would need major updating for a return. 3) although used a lot, their current set has the best colors. They could tie in the colors better by adding light blue outlines to the homes-roads and light blue numbers on the navy alternate...then there’s this whole ray of light vs stingray identity crisis that I’m not about to get into.

TL:DR gradient = bucco Bruce, green was better, blues were best, all sets have big upsides, but big flaws

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On ‎2‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 1:30 PM, MattMill said:

I agree. These and the pirates 1999 era alternates will remain as some of my favorites


* Photo is of made in China reproduction. 


There's a common theme that works. Grey and black base 90% of the way. Then some sort of bright third or fourth color coloring. 


I don't think a Navy blue or a red would work as that third color. 


The orange with san fran should work. But I don't think it does. So you never know


Those weren't the alts, at least originally. They wore them for all road games when they came out in 97, but I'm pretty sure they stopped wearing them altogether some time in 98. I'm not a Pirates fan, but got that hat as a kid. I still have it. Anyway, I really like gray (and white!) caps. They have a great old-school feel. I would like to see a team go with a white at home and gray on the road, but I don't think we will see it anytime soon. I think if teams use gray or white, it should be the fulltime hat for home/road and there must be a matching helmet.

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I think the problem with a white or gray hat was that it was paired with a white or gray uniform and it became too much of one color. They might have stuck around longer with a college look of white hat, colored top, white pants or gray-color-gray. It wouldn’t be the better option vs color-white-white, color-gray-gray, or color-color-white or gray, but better than MLB color rush of gray or white.

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23 hours ago, hormone said:

My .02 on the rays. 1) The devil gradient is like bucco Bruce. Bad teams and it’s really appreciated now as nostalgia, but you wouldn’t want it as your look.


I would definitely take Bucco Bruce as a full-time look if they were my team.  Those gradients, not so much. 

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33 minutes ago, Anubis2051 said:

Yankees will apparently be wearing home uniforms for both games in London, which are Red Sox home games:


Just as they wore their home uniforms when they played Tampa Bay in Japan in 2004, even though Tampa Bay were the home team.


Image result for yankees devil rays japan


Such is the power of baseball's most iconic uniforms.

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