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Boston Colonials Identity Concept


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We had one of our MLF members suddenly leave, so the team was transferred to FreeKobe, and he mentioned he was moving the team to Boston, possibly to become the Colonials.

So this is what i came up with. Tried to keep it simple and classy. I'm not too sure about the secondary logo though..... I'm really looking for suggestions for the whole concept. If FreeKobe likes it, i'll continue by adding Uniforms.


*if link doesn't work, then C/P: http://epper.freeservers.com/images/colonials.jpg

Suggestions and/or comments pleease!

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It's very detailed, a little different than your average logo. The details on the right side of the face look odd, though, like the face is distorted. Also, it might be better/more factual to go with a musket-style gun.

Also, the wordmark and secodaries could use a healthy dose of cowbell.

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Epper, as much as I adore your work I gotta criticize it a tad. Nothing personal.

First off, IMO, the primary logo would not work for football. It is too detailed to really 'show off'. Second, the colonial's face is a bit iffy. It perhaps needs a touch up here and there. I like the idea for the secondary logo, but this time, I guess it's too plain. The wordmark is brilliant, however, just what I'd expect for a team nicknamed the Colonials. Nice and proper. The colours are also great, once again perfect for the team name.

Please don't take my comments the wrong way. I can appreciate the fact that what you've created here is beyond outstanding. The effort and detail you put into this must have made a few hairs fall out. Kudos to you, big guy!

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thanks for all the criticism guys, its exactly what i need as an aspiring graphic designer.

ill try to "dumb down" the details a bit, work on a new secondary, and possibly turn the current 2nd-ary into a tertiary logo. WiB, what exactly do you mean by "helmet test"? do you mean being legible as a helmet logo?

an idea i had for a 2nd-ary logo was to have a colonial-era cannon with a football blasting out of it.....what do you guys think?

ps. to mockba: the rifle is actually the historically accurate weapon for the colonials.

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