MLB Statement Series by Pinch Designer (Blue Jays 11/11)

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Heading to “The North,” it’s the Blue Jays paying homage to the 1952 Toronto Maple Leafs (road)




And the amazing Toronto Flag concept by Trevor Davson 





Toronto’s New Flag - By Filament - Medium


Voilà, the Blue Jays and their ‘Statement’ jersey:




C&C always appreciated.



(as I did last time, a big ‘thank you’ goes to @Discrimihater for being so gracious in letting me use his awesome ‘Toronto’ script wordmark. I find any excuse to use it, thanks!)

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The Blue Jays uni looks excellent! I like the contrast between the classy wordmark and the modern approach with the gradient, the mapple leaf and the CN Tower.

Overall it looks really Nike-ish, good job.

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This draws heavily on the later Cal Ripken Jr era in Baltimore. I remember loving some of the early black alternate jerseys in that era with the big outlines so this is meant to evoke that. I'm always a fan of going monochrome instead of wearing a softball top so I went with black pants. To balance out the look we have orange undersleeves, an orange front cap panel, and color reversed classic socks. 


C&C as always! Enjoy!



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