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United States Basketball Alliance - Introduction


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Welcome to United States Basketball of Alliances

or USBA for shorts

This project will contain 32 teams

Also this is a collaboration fun project, so i can't just work alone, because of school. so i might need everyone's help. I may be new in this forum, but i'm busy as heck.


32 Teams

4 Divisions

2 Conferences


So, if you want to help me for my project, use this template



Team Name:


Why it's called that name: 

Stadium Name:



I already have one of my logo ready

There an limit for 2 or 1 teams suggestion ONLY.


Here the teams i'm planning:

Oklahoma City Whirlwinds

Buffalo Blizzards


Please to make sure to give a feedback, or C&C

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On top of that, you need to do the work. If you're "busy as heck", then you need to slow it down and produce teams when you get the chance. 


This isn't going to be a "I do one team and everyone else helps me" type thread for this huge project. 

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Here Are The Other 30 CITIES You Should Pick
They Are

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My votes for the
Prince George Princesses 

Quebec City mcFLURRY

Winnesota Mild

and Orlando Orchard BoyZ 


really though, this the fourth time? I’d suggest putting some more times towards the league logo, it has the elements but looks a tad too much like clip art. Other than that I’d take the feedback from your OG post for the whirlwind. Outside of design, I’d reevaluate the names they feel like they are very similar. Also I’d actually post the logo in this thread because it seems like the thread is just a bump for another one at the moment.

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