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CONMEBOL release 2020 Copa America logo


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CONMEBOL Copa América Argentina Colombia 2020 launches its image to make the continent vibrate again
Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 14:58


The colors of the host countries, Argentina and Colombia, together with references to the union of the continent and its football fans, the field and the sun, star in the image of CONMEBOL Copa América 2020.

The design elements used convey the warmth and festive character characteristic of South America, and invite you to celebrate on a single continent and enjoy together this new edition of the oldest tournament in the world.

Luque, Paraguay -October 17, 2019. CONMEBOL launches the image and logo of the new edition of the CONMEBOL Copa América Argentina Colombia 2020. The colors of the host countries, together with elements that represent the union of fans, the sun and The green of the court are protagonists of the logo of this competition that will make the whole continent vibrate again.

"The design invites you to celebrate and enjoy the football party together," says Hugo Figueredo, Director of Competitions of Selections of CONMEBOL, who also adds that this new edition presents important developments, such as its celebration for the first time in double headquarters with the objective of “bringing the magic of South American football to all the fans of the continent”.


The championship, which will be held from June 12 to July 12, 2020, will have a total of 38 matches distributed by the host cities of the tournament and all selections will play at least five games. The image presented will identify all the facilities of the championship, as well as the organization staff and the logistics and security device deployed at each of the venues.

In this way, CONMEBOL and the host countries begin the countdown to the new edition of the oldest tournament in the world, in which the great football party will unite a whole continent in celebration.



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