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Founders Cup 2020 Event Logo


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Hey Folks!

Many moons ago... I had the privilege of playing lacrosse for the historic "Brampton Excelsiors", on their Jr.A & Jr.B teams.

Fantastic game...had a great time...many great stories ( saturday night in Huntsville 😜 ).

Took quite a few stitches to the mug, but it only added to my rugged, good looks 🙃...


Anyway, the city of Brampton, and the Excelsiors Lacrosse Club is hosting the 2020 Founders Cup Canadian Jr.B Championship👏 !!!

Last year's tournament took place in Winnipeg, with the Calgary Shamrocks defeating the Six Nations Rebels for the golden cup.

As an alumni, I was honoured to be asked to design the event logo.


The cup itself is a beauty...




...which made my job a little easier...make the cup the centre-piece of the logo.

First step...rough sketches...the club decided to do something like this...





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So, with the cup & title graphics done, I put them together with a couple of vintage crossed lacrosse sticks and a "Brampton" banner.

I gave the lettering a white drop shadow to suggest that the words are engraved into the cup...




This is a national championship, so I placed a classic, red maple leaf in behind...







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