Milwaukee Brewers 2020 Logo/Uniforms

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21 hours ago, Gothamite said:

The ball used to be closer to the center of the whole logo.  Now it’s way too low, and as the only white left pulls focus too far downward. 


The weird angle is when people complain about the circular strike of the “b” not having been of consistent thickness all around, but don’t mind that it’s still not of consistent thickness all around.  Which is fine, but just don’t pretend that was a problem that needed fixing. 


The placement of the ball in the old logo seems like a bigger issue to me now, because it's closer to the center but not actually centered. The baseball draws the eye to the base of the logo, but I don't see how that's an issue I guess?


And I agree with Ferdinand that the naked eye and even your circle don't make it clear cut to me that there is a weird angle. If their execution wasn't 100%, I can see that criticism, but how does that negate the more obvious thickness inconsistency of the previous logo?


To reiterate, I have no qualms with anyone preferring the old logo. I don't think it needed to change.

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