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Jacksonville Anacondas Logo Package


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this is so bad... i mean wow... i think just looking at this thing gave me cancer... leave designing to the professionals

Yeah seriously, this is a terrible logo. "Best work yet"! YEah, my a$$! This is BRUTAL! I'm pretty sure my eyes are bleeding from looking at it. I have to run to the hospital...

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this sucks mightily

What r u referring 2? The Logo???!?!?!?!?!? Are u insane? <_<

He's just being a prick b/c that's the only thing he's good at. :D

you're damn right nitro...you crossed the boundry talking about my momma! :P

Well, why wouldn't he talk about your momma?

Yo' momma's so skanky, she stuck in a cucumber and pulled out a pickle!

I keed! I keed!

Welcome to DrunjFlix

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[wow] Uh huh???.nice [/wow]

This has all the traits of all your work?.proficient, unified, very ?..finished, not to mention TONS of movement and flow??..and it?s flat out gorgeous.

I don?t know how I can know what to expect??.even see it in progress and still be floored?.but I am.

So, allow me 3 teensy points to crit??just so you don?t float into the atmosphere from a big head. I do this out of respect??its like back in painting class??.forced to provide (+) and (-) feedback even if you have none ready.

1) It is unusual and slightly non-aggressive that the snake isn?t looking at us?.or anywhere near us. It?s a fine line?.but even profiles usually look intent on something. He looks ever-so-slightly like he?s looking away?almost shy. Slight iris shift?

2) Where the neck bends, the ?seem? looks somewhat like a fold making it a little hard to tell where the spine is. Does it follow the big spots on the back? Cause it doesn?t appear that it does.

3) Was it a conscious decision to not reveal where the snake ends? If it was, I like it. Like that you weren?t bound by that and can create an ?endlessness? to the writhing and gripping form. But I wonder would it be whimsical and fun to drop a tail tip somewhere? Mixed in with the wordmark or just hanging or ??pfff I dunno. Just thinking aloud now.

In summation. This is gorgeous. Top ten of anything I?ve ever seen. Bar none. And to think you did it all with five total colors. In contrast, the Moose has eight colors and probably achieves less light and form. I?m humbled. Seamless integration of text and the creature.

I love it. If I was a billionaire I?d buy it right now and start a team with that name just to wear the crap around.


The Official Cheese-Filled Snack of NASCAR

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I love it, dude. The colors, the primary, the wordmark... there's something about the secondary logo that doesn't do it for me. The snake head by itself just doesn't seem as dynamic as the rest of it. Maybe some sort of mark that makes a 'J' out of the snake would match the coolness level that the rest of the package has? Just a thought.

The execution is top-notch, and I wish I had your skillz.

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Great job, Nitro. Thank God you portrayed the anaconda as a constrictor (which it is) and not as a fang-filled, venomous, giant rattlesnake type thing that Anacondas does. Damn Hollywood... :cursing:

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