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My lightning alt


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Here is my new Tampa Bay Lightning alt.  The logo is mine.  If you want to see a larger version, tell me.

There are a lot of bolts on this jersey, but I don't really think I overdid it.

I used light blue even though it isn't a team color because it looks nice.

Thanks to Roger Clemente and Chris Creamer.


Lightning alt.

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That jersey is sharp. Very sharp. I like it very much.

The logo, not so much. In my mind, you kept he aspects I don't like (the two fonts, the relatively small Lightning text), and got rid of the aspect I do (the uniform lightning bolt). Good production work though. Way to go, 7200.

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I darkened the "light" blue to a tamer color.

I understand what everybody is saying about the logo, but here's the dilema.  I started out with just the Florida turning into bolt design, but that looked too plain.  So I decided to imitate the current logo.  I would have used the same font, but I don't have that paintbrush font so I couldn't write LIGHTNING and I didn't want to write Tampa Bay if the blocky impact font lightning is written in.

For this version 2.0 the light blue is darker and the logo is the florida turning into a bolt with no other logo elements.  I really like the idea of the logo on 2.0.  It's the most original thing I could come up with for a team who has a hard name to design for.

Lightning alt 2

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the second concept is definitly the stronger of the two.

for the most part its difficult to come up with a design that is innovative and simplistic at the same time (something I strive to accomplish with every new concept  :D ) but you accomplished that goal with these designs. great work

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I actually liked the first logo better, its sorta like when the rangers made their crest more metalic for the shoulders of their alternates.

The Jersey design is good, but it looks a lot like the pittsburghs penguins design.  However teh colors and bolts allow you to get away with it.

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