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2020 Stadium Series by JB Designs

JB Designs

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2020 Stadium Series


With the Avs Stadium Series look leaked earlier this week, I figured I'd take my shot at touching up their... ambitious approach and create an equally... ambitious look for Los Angeles. Without further ado...




Avalanche Inspiration



Sure, the Avs' look isn't what you'd expect or even what you'd want for that matter, but kudos for them for going for it. The half-and-half look stays, as does the mountain-A, but with a little different execution. The Colorado Rockies inspiration is replaces with an ode to the rank patches of the Airmen of the Air Force, swapping the concerning interaction between triangles with a more geometric look that gives the representation of an A without sacrificing the mountain understanding. Beyond that not much else changes, though the Stadium Series patch is added to the right shoulder (the patch is nowhere to be seen in either of the leaks).


Los Angeles Inspiration



Rather than relying on a leak, the Kings look builds on the past, adopting an inversion of their previous half-and-half jersey. The main logo is also an adaptation of that year's uniform, namely a merging of the two characters from the pant logo into an interlocking LA that has become synonymous with the Dodgers of the same locale. Much like the Avs, the over-sized chest logo sets the tone for the striping patter on the jersey with the hook of the L expanding into the left arm striping. The TV numbers shift to the shoulders, both to let the striping shine and to distance the look from the Kings' earlier Stadium Series set. With numbers on the shoulders, the Stadium Series patch finds a home on the right arm of the sweater, balancing out the extended striping on the left. 

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The Air Force chevrons thing for the Avs is an interesting idea, but I think there needs to be more than one to work.

It could also work well as sleeve striping instead.


The Kings idea is quite clever! Nice adaption of their previous outdoor set. That said I'm not a fan of the widening sleeve stripe on the left; I think a black stripe of consistent width would work much better.


Good work!

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