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Brewers Industrial Script Concept


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So the Brewers unveiled new uniforms and personally, I think there's some positives and negatives, and I'd like to address the negatives.  1) New ball-in-glove: Garbage.  Change for the sake of change and the lowered ball looks incredibly awkward.  2) Industrial script: Great.  But, why have it when it's only on one jersey?  I feel like to tie in both the 90s Ball-in-glove and 2000-10s M barley eras of Brewers uniforms into the current new uniforms a bit more, it'd be pretty cool to have it on all the uniforms.  3) Royal Blue only on a border of logos.  Why have a hint of royal blue that no one can reasonably see?  Either have only royal blue or no royal blue.  4) Infinite amounts of secondary logos.  As much as I love the idea Wheat Ball and Angry Barrelman, wheat ball is too basic for a shoulder patch and Barrelman isn't even used anywhere.


My solution:

New Brewers script matching the new Milwaukee script:



No royal anymore, changed it to white and put the proper ball-in-glove:



Only shoulder patches are the anniversary patch and the proper ball-in-glove even though the Brick Wisconsin M is actually decent, but it's more consistent with just the ball-in-glove.  Also, while I don't have a problem with cream home jerseys, I feel like white just looks better.











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8 minutes ago, YankeeBaseball0934f said:

Looks great! Great upgrade to the now current set... What font did you use for this?

For the script, I just used the existing e and w, created a r and s to match, and warped the B from the existing main custom "BrewersIndustrial" font that the new wordmarks are made of.  And the number and NOB is the BrewersIndustrial again.

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I'm gonna be honest: I think this is a downgrade from their actual set. I think the new ball-in-glove looks better than the old one (cleaner, better-looking ball) and the royal adds to the design. I really like the block script they currently use as well as the cream home uniforms. However, I do love your Brewers script, and the uniforms are really solid, just not what I prefer.

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17 hours ago, tigerslionspistonshabs said:

I like it, but I'm getting a stroooong Atlanta Braves vibe from that script.

Well the Braves were in Milwaukee so that might not be a bad thing.


15 hours ago, Whittier S said:

That vertical stroke on the second r is difficult. It makes it look like "Brewens."

Yeah... I tried to make it obvious that that was an r and not an n with the serif, but I see what you're seeing.  If I connected the e and r a la 2000-10s Brewers scripts, it'd be some awkward white space in this tail-less application.


15 hours ago, NicDB said:

Great looking updates! Especially the road grays.


I think I still prefer the serif block BREWERS though. Some words look better in block form, others look better in script. I think this is a case of one of each.

I appreciate the rare compliment from you.  The crutch of a Brewers Script is the nature of cursive r's and n's looking incredibly alike in structure, and cursive s's being hard to fit in.  Plus there's a lot of curviness with the e's and w contrasting with the sharp edges of r's and some types of s's.  But, as much as I love the throwbacks, as an orderly type guy, I prefer brand consistency, and I always thought it was weird to have a block home and script away instead of all block or all script.  Obviously, I prefer the Brewers in a script or at least a font with some character, and you prefer the Brewers in a block, so you got what you like in the rebrand, and I felt compelled to make this concept to see what my preference would look like.

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This is exactly what they should've done. The BiG on the sleeves work great too, as it did on the old throwbacks. While reintroducing their most iconic and beloved logo, they not only tweaked it, but introduced 4 other logos with it. It's too much. Keep it simple.


Great work.


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