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NBA City Series 2019 - Phoenix Suns


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Well, its been a long time! Life has gotten extremely busy (college applications, amirite?) and I've been working on a few projects, one of which I'm ready to show!


So, let's be honest, the NBA City uniform program has been hit or miss sometimes. And there has been a ton of great ideas missed and not used. So, since now's the time that teams are unveiling their uniforms (after being leaked 😏), I figured now's the time to unveil mine. Each team will have 2 new uniform ideas, each implementing new or built-upon ideas. Of course, I tried to expand the color bases and inspirations to create new, unique looks. Oh, and the teams will be released in a random order to help spice it up a bit! So without further adieu: lets get this started with the Detroit Pistons:


Version 1: "SHELBY BLUE" 

The Pistons seem to be infatuated with the "Motor City" look, which is fine. But I built upon this idea to pay tribute to one of America's most iconic car models: the Shelby Mustang GT500, a car built in nearby Ionia, Michigan. While the racing stripes are kept, the rest of the uniform builds upon details found on the car. The lettering font draws inspiration from the lettering on the car, while the short striping and detailing are taken from the lower striping on the car. The lettering found on the shorts also come from the same location, with "GT 500" being replaced by "DP 1941", paying homage to Pistons history. The uniform's base color is Shelby Blue, a shade of blue iconic for being found on Shelby cars such as the Mustang and legendary Cobra.


Hey, if you're going to have a car-themed city alternate, might as well go all in!


Version 2: "MOTOWN"

Of course Detroit is more than the cars it produces, it was also the birthplace and home to the legendary Motown Records. One of the most important developments for black musicians, Motown forever changed the music world. While it may be based in LA now, Detroit will always lay claim to Motown as its own. This uniform pulls in influences from around Motown's branding to create a quite an eye-catching look. The label found on the records acts as the base, complete with the white-blue split, map-style lines (disclaimer: the map is not of Detroit. I couldn't find many clean enough looking lines), and over-the-top lettering. The shorts feature the same design, but with the Motown logo on the side of the shorts. This uniform lets the sounds of Motown roll on, now as a uniform.


Alright, so there is the Detroit city uniforms. Let me know what you think! 


Oh, and here's a teaser for the next team...



Cheers until next time!

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Alright, I guess we'll move on to the next team: The Dallas Mavericks!


The Mavs have been obsessed with bold colors and a modernistic look. So, I decided to back to the basics and look to Dallas's past for the looks you're about to see. 


Version 1: "DFW"

Dallas is part of one of America's largest metropolitan areas along with Fort Worth. Both have contributed to a sort of western mystique around Texas and the area. This look takes inspiration from some of those western and retro roots to build a bold new look. The blue, red, and white color scheme, taken from the Texas flag, helps to create a bold color scheme for the uniform. The side panels, which feature red horizontal pinstripes on a white base, are designed to look somewhat western and give the uniform a throwback feel. "DFW" is written across the front in a brash, bold font, which points to the undeniable spirit of the two cities. Overall, the uniform aims to capture the essence of Texas and western culture.


Trust me, this is one look you won't want to mess with.




Version 2: "RED PEGASUS"

This uniform pays homage to Dallas's history and oil industry. Decades ago, the Mobil oil company once had a red pegasus perched atop one of the one the tallest buildings in the city, the Magnolia Petroleum Building.The statue has had a long history being turned on and off, but the citizens of Dallas have always kept it in their minds. While the sign no longer stands atop the Magnolia Building, it still stands and glows as a part of the Dallas identity. The uniform features retro-style elements to bring about a nostalgic look. The lettering and numbering mimics the stylings of retro oil company branding and logos. The "wings" on the side of the uniform pay homage to the legendary Pegasus, while the image itself reappears on the shorts of the uniform.


With this uniform, it is time for the Pegasus to fly again!



Alright, so that does it for the Mavs. Let me know what you think! 


And as for the next team... we're taking a trip east to the City of Brotherly Love:


Thank you and until next time!

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I really like the Red Pegasus version for Dallas. Only suggestion would be to match the name font.


The Motown jersey for Detroit is inspired! Excellent work.


I'm look forward to seeing that flag colors jersey for Philadelphia!

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I'd use a different color scheme for the DFW jersey, as RWB is so overused and not even unique to texas. I'd think about Blue/Green, Burnt Orange/Navy, or even double blue.


And good luck on those college apps! I went through that last year and that stuff sucks (I got in ED tho so it's cool)

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3 hours ago, Jake3.roo said:

I'd use a different color scheme for the DFW jersey, as RWB is so overused and not even unique to texas. I'd think about Blue/Green, Burnt Orange/Navy, or even double blue.


And good luck on those college apps! I went through that last year and that stuff sucks (I got in ED tho so it's cool)

That color scheme was a concern of mine, so I am willing to change it. I'll come up with some new color compositions to try out! Oh, and I already got accepted to the University of Nebraska, so thank you and I'm really excited!


I'm glad the Motown jersey is getting a lot of love. Its probably one of my favorites from this project!


Well, now its time for the Sixers! These looks may be weaker IMO, but I want to see what you guys think!


Version 1: "KEYSTONE GRAY"

Pennsylvania is known also as the Keystone State. This uniform pays homage to the state's, and city's role in the foundation of the United States, while mixing in some vintage charm. The base color is a shade of gray that is inspired by stone, with black added for contrast. The diagonal SIXERS script helps to add a new twist into the set and helps it stand out. Images of the keystone shape hammer in the inspiration of the uniform, while the set is kept simple to maintain a classy look and draw attention to the unique keystone gray color. Nothing fancy here, just some simple symbolism, and an homage to the history made in Philly.


A set as simple as the city is passionate.




Version 2: "PHILA UNITY"

This uniform is a creation from a few different inspirations. The colors of the uniform are taken from the city flag, creating a bright and vibrant base. The "Phila" script is partially inspired by the team's use of "PHILA" on their uniforms, and the new classic uniforms the team introduced this year. The yellow stripe around the uniform features a sublimated snakeskin pattern, trying to imitate a snake wrapped around the player, and an homage to the "Join or Die" snake image used during the Revolution, and featured a number of times in Sixers branding and marketing. The shorts feature one of the teams logos to cap off the look.


A city and team united cannot ever fail. 




Well, there are the Sixers! As always, let me know what you think!


For the next team, the Big Easy will be our destination!



And thank you for following along! Trust me, the best is yet to come!

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I might try to get an outline color on to the blue Phila jersey, it might look cleaner with a navy outline, because right now I don't love the contact of that shade of yellow and the blue. However, the keystone one is great. I'm also not quite sure what it is, but the P in Phila bothers me a little bit. It's a little off-balance and the line weights vary a little too much.


And back to college talk:


Congrats for getting in to Nebraska! Are you committed and done? Or more apps to go? Because for me, applying ED was the best thing ever. I got in early, then spent the entire winter chilling and reviewing friends' essays. EDIT: (and apparently this?)


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I have actually committed so that's exciting. It was actually my first choice, so I was going to go if I got accepted!


Thanks for the comments everyone! I've got some changes in store to some previous uniforms, so keep your eyes peeled for those at some point. As for the suggestions, all themes have been decided upon, so you may or may not be pleasantly surprised! :) I'm also surprised about the reaction to the "Keystone Gray" uniform. It's one of the more abstract (in idea) uniforms, but I thought it would help the set stand out.


For the next team, we have the Pelicans of the Big Easy. With a city with a broad, fun, and diverse culture, there was a ton of fun creating uniforms for New Orleans. One new look improves upon the team's current City Edition identity, while the other emphasizes a more... unusual piece of New Orleans culture.


Version 1: "MARDI GRAS":

This idea isn't as original as some other pieces, but I thought it might be good to throw my hat in the ring. The traditional purple, gold, and green of Mardi Gras appears on the uniform, as well as the 3-color stripe that the Pelicans have worn the last few years, albeit in a more conventional and clean fashion that takes up less space on the uniform. The "NOLA" arched text makes an appearance on the uniform for the first time since the Pelicans first city uniform. the logo at the bottom of the shorts has been re-colored to help fit in with the theme of the uniform. Overall, its a simple re-imagining of the Mardi Gras uniform to be cleaner, bolder, and more tasteful.


After all, isn't life a party?





New Orleans has always had a bit of a supernatural side to it: the city is the center of Louisiana Voodoo, a practice that has become a part of the city culture, and even inspired an Arena Football League team. This uniform is inspired by this supernatural practice. The color scheme of purple, black, and "phantom green" (a sort of bright mint green), that aims to create a dark look for the team, with a bit of supernatural light. The font is inspired by places such as the Lafayette Cemetery, one of the most well-known burial sites in the city, and the United States. The Pelican appears as a sublimated "ghost" on the uniform to continue the supernatural theme, while the "Crescent City" logo adds to the dark and unique theme of the uniform. 


And so the enemies of the Pelicans shall be cursed and stalked by the phantoms of the Pelicans.




Alright there are the Pelicans! As always, let me know what you think!


Our next stop is the land of peaches, pecans, and Coca-Cola, Atlanta!


Cheers 'til next time!

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Well, sorry for the hiatus, had a lot going on. And, well, I'm snowed in (Colorado amirite?)  So, today warrants a double team post...so today brings the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers!


There was a TON of potential ideas for ATL, so I went with one that is popular, and one that is probably a bit more unusual, so let's get started!


Version 1: "GEORGIA PEACH":

Georgia is VERY well known for its peaches. So much so that the Hawks themselves have (kinda) jumped on the trend. But this idea adds more color and whimsical ideas to the mix. The fade from peach to reddish-pink is inspired by the skin of the peach itself, so as to add a colorful vibe. The white helps to brighten up the uniform as well. Some other parts of the uniform are 70's inspired, such as the number font. The script at the front helps to keep the uniform simple and fun, while the Hawks logo masquerades as a peach with an added leaf, again to kick up the fun factor. My goal here was to keep a fun and simple uniform that focuses on a well-known aspect of Georgia as a whole.


You don't want a *peach* of these Hawks.




Version 2: "LEGACY OF '96"

The Clippers City Edition last year, paying homage to the 1984 Olympics, were the inspiration for this set, which honors the legacy of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, also known as the Centennial Games. The green and gold color scheme is taken from the logo and branding of the games, while the Atlanta across the front is also taken from the logo. The little circle underneath the collar is a representation of a gold medal, and is inscribed with "100", another tip of the hat to the Centennial Games. The shorts feature the "flame-to-star" logo from the games. Simply put, its another simple, yet fitting, tribute to one of the most important... and impactful... Olympics of all time.


This is what the gold standard looks like.




As promised, there is a second team today in the Cleveland Cavaliers. I'm not going to lie, it was a bit hard to come up with ideas for the Cavs, but I think I got some good choices. Just before we continue, I decided not to do anything rock-and-roll related because 1: it was hard to nail a look I liked, and 2: there was a few other ideas that I wanted to pursue.



One idea was actually one of the more unique ideas I've had. And its a tribute to one of the most unusual legendary teams in basketball history: the Goodyear Wingfoots. This team worked due to sponsorship, and while I'm not a big fan of sponsorships in general, I felt I could use it to my advantage here to pay tribute to an oftentimes forgotten era of basketball. The uniform is taken from one of the team's blue sets, of course with the right alterations, such as "Cleveland" across the front. There's not really that much more to say, but I thought paying homage to the Wingfoots would be an interesting interpretation of a city uniform.


The Wingfoots have returned to the spotlight.




Version 2: "RUST BELT":

Cleveland has always been known as a blue collar city, tied to the rise and fall of industry. This uniform is a representation of that mentality and the history of Cleveland itself. The uniform uses a dark gray, silver, and rust red color scheme, to give off an "industrial" vibe. The font also draws from the industrial theme. The blocks of rust red against the dark grey base helps to create a bold and simple feel. The notches on the short stripe are meant to evoke industrial signs and labels, or even teeth on a gear. I wanted to try to give off an industrial vibe, but without feeling too worn-down.


It's time to shake off the rust and start a new era.




So, I understand the concern with some of these uniforms. If any of you have any ideas to improve them, please let me know. Not every one is going to be a hit out of the park. And I think there are some great uniforms still to come, so keep your eyes peeled.


Next up, we're headed to Central Florida, home of citrus, sun, and fun! And I think you'll enjoy these!



As always, cheers until next time!


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