Teams Forcing The Dallas Cowboys To Wear Their Blue Jersey

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So the thing about so many teams intentionally making the Cowboys wear their navy blue jersey when Dallas visits them got me thinking. What teams that have done WAH, who haven't done the gimmick on the Cowboys, could join the teams that have done so. This thread will be based on the Cowboys blue jerseys that came into existence since 1996. So teams that have already made the Cowboys wear the navy blue stars and and stripes jersey check off on the list, and teams that haven't done it after 1996 are eligible.


Certain teams you could tell did it just to use Dallas' specialty on them. Others did it based on what their pattern is. Then there are those who aren't easy to tell. The Redskins, Lions, and Browns in 2016 are examples of teams who did it on purpose. The Rams, when they were in a dome, too. Teams like the Buccaneers and Eagles in 2015 are teams who did it going on their pattern. Along with teams like the Cardinals and Texans when they did it for 2-3 games. Teams like the Panthers and Saints are harder to tell. Carolina did it regardless of the time of season. New Orleans has had an on-and-off again period of WAH. The Jets wore white for a home game in their 2nd or 3rd home game prior to 2019, so the intention on the uniform selection for that one is hard to say.


It seems the amount of teams add. What teams do you think are the next most likely?


Here are the teams of note


San Francisco 49ers - White throwback uniform that they apparently bust out once a year. SF doesn't get DAL for a regular season home game until 2023. Will the Niners still use the white throwbacks by then?


Green Bay Packers - Had an all white uniform in 2016-2017 as part of a league wide promotion, and then used them against the Lions in 2019 for Lambeau Field when Color Rush is no longer a league promotion. Green Bay has many chances to do it against Dallas from 2020-2022. Years 2020 and 2021 the NFC East visits the NFC North for common place finisher games. The Cowboys and Packers could finish in the same place during the first two years of that stretch.


Baltimore Ravens - Gets Dallas in 2020. Baltimore typically wears white for their home openers and their preseason games. The only time they went WAH other than the home opener was in 2008 on week 5 against Tennessee. Will the Ravens be another one of the teams to try the gimmick? 


Cincinnati Bengals - Gets Dallas in 2020. Cincinnati wore white at home for their home openers that were in the daytime and within the first two weeks during the Marvin Lewis era. But under Zac Taylor that wasn't the case. Could the Bengals also be one of those teams? They have the white color rush uniforms that they wore at home in 2016 and 2017. The last two years the white color rush has been used for road games.


Buffalo Bills - Has a white throwback to go along with their primary white uniform. Will the Bills still have the white throwbacks in 2023? Will see Dallas again at that time at Orchard Park. 


Raiders - Won't get the Cowboys at home again until 2025. Wore the white color rush uniform with silver numbers against the Chargers in 2019. Are they still going to wear them at home when they go to Las Vegas? Are they still going to have these uniforms in 2025?


These are the teams left, who have worn white at home, that haven't done it against Dallas, who have a chance to make the Cowboys wear the blue jerseys that they have worn since 1996. Who may or may not. There might be other teams who come out of the norm and pulls a surprise on their uniform selection, wear white for a home game. Any other potential candidates?


This is a uniform count. On home teams making Dallas wear their blues. Whether intentionally or unintentionally. Everybody loves the Cowboys blue jerseys.














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Let me just say that I love it every time the Cowboys wear the navy uniforms. The colors on it actually match up much better with each other than the white. Navy instead of royal blue on the tops, no black outlines, and the pants are grey instead of that greenish color.

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Carolina has hosted the Cowboys 8 times and the Cowboys have worn Navy uniforms in 6 of those games.  In 2006, the Panthers wore Black and in 2007, Panthers wore Light Blue.

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I might as well go down the list.



CAH: 49ers (pre), Rams (pre), Patriots, Eagles

WAH: Redskins, Saints, Jets, Giants, Lions, Bears



CAH: 49ers (pre), Texans (pre + reg), Seahawks, Eagles, Falcons, Colts, Giants, Rams (post)

WAH: Panthers, Redskins



CAH: Cardinals (pre), Broncos, Cardinals, 49ers, Redskins, Falcons, Raiders, Eagles

WAH: Rams (pre), Giants



CAH: Seahawks (pre), Redskins, 49ers, Packers, Steelers, Vikings (forced), Giants, Eagles

WAH: Rams (pre), Browns



CAH: Chargers (pre), 49ers (pre), Giants, Redskins, Packers, Bills

WAH: Eagles, Saints, Buccaneers, Dolphins



CAH: Chargers (pre), Dolphins (pre), Seahawks, Jaguars, Giants, Bears, Eagles, Redskins, Packers (post)

WAH: Titans, Rams

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