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2020-2021 NHL Changes


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43 minutes ago, ManillaToad said:


"It might not happen" and "It's just the one ad it won't get worse" are crossed off and we haven't even started yet!

Also “what we say on here doesn’t matter,” and “it’s only because of no ticket sales”

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Someone wake me when we return to talking about the aesthetics of hockey uniforms. No one wants jersey advertising. The end. We resort to fighting amongst ourselves, and I'm sure we all share the same basic viewpoint. 

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6 hours ago, nash61 said:

They butchered the Leafs logo and grammar on Patrick Marleau's special gloves tonight. 





The gloves better be on display at the HHOF. 

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On 4/17/2021 at 4:49 PM, ManillaToad said:


We need to create a bingo card for the excuses people will make in here for this


On 4/17/2021 at 4:52 PM, Ridleylash said:

Would you rather endless and useless complaining?


Got the upper-left-hand corner already

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45 minutes ago, Nordiks_19 said:

Did the NHL mention something about the future of RR. Will there be a new batch of uniforms, keeping the same or will it disappear ?

 I haven't seen any news about it, but I'd be willing to bet the program is sticking around. It's been a pretty big success by most metrics. Maybe teams like Detroit and Toronto will try again with something new next season? Or that might just be my wishful thinking. 

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Does that mean the end of Icethetics?



You don't need me to tell you these sponsors' colors clearly clash with the teams' colors in alarming ways. Is this really the future of NHL game sweaters?

As an admirer of great design in hockey, I'd be left with no choice but to retire Icethetics. There'd be nothing left worth writing about.




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Reminder that the NHL and it's teams have considered plenty of things that have not actually gone through, like when they considered changing over blue ice during the lockout;



Just because something is being considered by the NHL doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen. If anything, I'd kinda be surprised if they did it at all given that it's more likely then not we'll be seeing attendance figures far closer to normal as more and more people get vaccinated, eliminating the pressing financial issue that led to helmet ads to begin with.


Plus, the NBA shows a clear law of diminishing returns on uniform advertisements at the major league level anyways. Not saying it won't ever happen, but it seems like it's nowhere near as profitable for an NHL or NBA team to have multiple ads on the uniform as it is for a BCHL or WNBA team, or else we'd have seen more ads creep into NBA jerseys by now with how frivolous they are about uniform aesthetics.

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