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2020-2021 NHL Changes


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Normally I'd say it's too gaudy, but this works pretty well for the Vegas Golden Knights. Agree with the sentiment that the white stripes are a bit out of place. When it comes to alternates I prefer the color swap ones and it's good to see someone finally try to bring back that idea

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its one of the ugliest jerseys ive ever seen. i mean, just vomit inducing aesthetics here. BUT the fact that pulled off something thats never been done before. that they worked for 2 years to make a vision a reality? thats an absolute win and makes it worth doing. bravo adidas.

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1. Wonder how heavy those things will be (insert Sharks joke here)

2. Note the grey breezers, I wonder if they'll do away with the black ones or at least wear grey with the other two jerseys occasionally

3. Do they want black in the color scheme or not?  Now only 1 of 3 jerseys has any black.  Part of me thinks the black and grey makes them unique (and goes nicely now that Raiders are in town) but want them to be consistent.  Maybe they left out black to avoid looking like Pitts alternates?

4. Man the white+gold gloves are still just SO bad.  Think either one would look okay but the combo is just atrocious.




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Confused Schitts Creek GIF by CBC
I’m just feeling this jersey bothering me sincerely.  The colours are just off, to me. The sparkly gold is beautiful, but the red and white doesn’t work well with gold. The striping is basically same as the home and away. Honestly I don’t like the grey they’re using. I found out it’s irritating my eyes. I had a unpopular opinion, why don’t replace it with dark teal?  I remember I made a Golden knights concept of I used dark teal for them. I found it suits with sparkly gold and black better than steel grey. Unfortunately I dropped the project years ago. 
Does you know which teams had a dark teal colour? I haven’t seen.  I wanna Golden Knights look like in dark teal. Oh of course, the Sharks had teal. I recommend a lighter teal for Sharks.


Also I suggest to drop the red. It’s not working with gold and grey. The sparkly gold is very beautiful and well executed unlike the fake gold Penguins used it before they switched to their original uniforms full time.

The rest of the jersey is ok..and it’s fine. Not a huge fan of the grey pants and gloves.

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1 hour ago, uniguy22 said:

I think it looks good (for this team), especially when viewing the uniform as a whole. 


See, the more I look a the jersey on its own, the more I think it’s not terrible. Not good, but also not terrible.


However, the complete look with the grey helmets, gold jersey, white gloves is AWFUL. Truly a gross thing to look at.


They’ll look even more ridiculous on the ice.

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I mean, they did say it would emphasize the gold, so I guess we should have seen something like this coming...but that doesn't make the whole set good. The fact that the logo has a lot of black, but the only black on the actual uniform is on the skates doesn't help.

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Before the logo was revealed, for the first time, there was a leak of a flag that appeared to have a purplish/teal hue that is hard to describe in place of the grey. These boards lived off that image until the gold, grey and red imagery was finally unveiled.


I kinda think that color set would be more interesting than the grey heavy set.

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