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2020-2021 NHL Changes


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5 hours ago, Ridleylash said:

We go from one Penn team to their blood rival!


This just leaked out, and it's gorgeous.


These are pretty bad look like a fashion jersey sold in walmart.




9 hours ago, rorinator said:


The Penguins are throwing it back to the Gin N Juice days with this leaked FOURTH jersey design. Thoughts?


These are a robo-penguin on the shoulders away from being A+

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That Flyers jersey is horrible.  It should have white sleeves and black cuffs... kinda like the jersey it's trying to emulate.


They should have done this, which gets you a black jersey, but not one that's just black+white like their dumb 00s ones.




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30 minutes ago, philly97flyer said:

Might take me a few minutes, but now that we know the direction the 4th jersey program is heading in, going to throw together a prediction post. Wonder if something of the sort will surface on the concepts board

Anaheim - Inaugural dark jersey, flip jade and eggplant

Arizona - Maroon kachina jersey

Boston - Late 90’s dark jersey, flip black and gold

Buffalo - Late 90’s goat head dark jersey, flip black and red

Calgary - Late 90’s platform jersey, black with red sleeves

Carolina - Inaugural jersey, flip red and black

Chicago - Current dark jersey, flip black and red

Colorado - Inaugural dark jersey, blue with white sleeves

Columbus - Barons style navy jersey, inaugural logo

Dallas -  Cup winning star jersey, flip black and green

Detroit - Current dark jersey, but in white

Edmonton - WHA era white jersey, orange dominant

Florida - Inaugural jersey in yellow

Los Angeles - Gretzky era jerseys in gray

Minnesota - North Stars style jersey with Wild logo

Montreal - Current dark jersey, flip red and blue

Nashville - Inaugural jersey with yellow base

New Jersey - 80’s dark jersey, flip red and green

NY Islanders - Fisherman jersey, teal dominant

NY Rangers - Lady Liberty jersey in gray

Ottawa - original 90’s jersey in red

Philadelphia - 90’s orange jersey, flip black and white

Pittsburgh - 90’s PITTSBURGH jersey in white

San Jose - either inaugural or late 90’s dark jersey in black

St Louis - 90’s trumpet jersey in blue, flip red and yellow

Tampa Bay - Inaugural jersey in blue

Toronto - 90’s retro third jersey, flip white and blue

Vancouver - 90’s dark jersey, flip black with red, or black with yellow

Vegas - Current dark jersey in black

Washington - Eagle jersey in black, or black 90’s third jersey in blue

Winnipeg - Selanne era dark jersey in red

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Yeeeeesh, I do not like that Flyers uniform.  It looks like a horrible knockoff you'd get off of Wish.Com where they accidentally inverted the colors, and used an upside down 5 for the 2.  The Pittsburgh uniform almost, kind of works because it's just a home version of their 90's roadies.  The Flyers just looks like someone accidentally colored in the wrong numbers on a color-by-numbers.  I really hope that's just a good fake job, though fear we're going to have to deal with that for a one-off.


*Just for clarity's sake...yes, someone with a Cubs username who lives in Lexington, KY is also a Philadelphia Flyers fan because as a small child, I decided "Hey, how much pain can I have?  Cubs baseball?  Flyers hockey?  Kentucky football?  Check Check Check" At least over the last few years it's gotten better.  Finally*

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42 minutes ago, philly97flyer said:

Buffalo - Late 90’s goat head dark jersey, flip black and red


Florida - Inaugural jersey in yellow

Could we see some of those Starter fashion jerseys actually make it to the ice?







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I hate how compact the Pittsburgh wordmark is.  I hate they used the wordmark instead of the actual logo.  The Flyers one, I'm not totally sure.  I don't like white cuffs, but it doesn't look too bad here.  My opinion will probably change once I see the complete package, though.

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1 hour ago, njdevs7 said:

Excited at the rare chance to see a new Devils jersey. We have already worn the home/away throwbacks in recent years. I think the time have FINALLY come for us to get a black jersey. Just invert the colors on the classic jersey (or even the 1982 striping) 

I recall Icethetics mentioning the Devils doing a green jersey based on their original uniforms.

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