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The Three NFL Games I've Attended in Person


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9 minutes ago, oldschoolvikings said:

Anybody ever have to leave a grumpy at a stadium? I always feel like I'd rather be shot in the head than drop the kids off at a stadium bathroom.


That's why I take advantage of either the paper toilet seat cover if available or make my own out of toilet paper if I'm at a stadium. Or do my business before I leave home.


Also, way to make scheisseposting literal, lol.

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On 12/26/2019 at 8:33 AM, BringBackTheVet said:


I worked as an usher for the first 9.5 seasons of the Linc, so between that, the Vet (Bring it Back), Three Rivers, and Heinz, I've probably been to 80ish NFL games.  I've seen a lot of weird stuff, but the weirdest was probably a guy in a teal (maybe midnight green) sweatsuit (yes, sweatsuit) sitting in his seat urinating on the back of the person in front of him, who was wearing a heavy coat (either Washington or the Bills - I can't recall exactly) and didn't feel it.  I don't think the one guy was intentionally pissing on the guy - I think he was loaded and thought he was being discreetly about pissing in front of his seat and didn't realize that even as an usher stationed 5 rows below him, I could see it arching from his groin and hitting the guy in front of him - I'm really shocked nobody else noticed.  Anyway, I had talked to the guy a few times already about his obnoxious yelling and swearing, and then when I caught him peeing, he reached into his pocket, pulled out the biggest gangster's roll of cash I've ever seen, proceeded to tell me "you don't know who I am - you're making a big mistake" (which around here, could very well mean what that sounds like) but we had him locked up in the holding area below the stadium.  The line to make statements in front of the judge was super long, and I couldn't stay, so after the police lectured me because they could only give him a $50 citation rather than worse charges, I just left.  The cops offered to drive me home if I'd stay.  


@msubulldog - what was the urination situation at the games you attended?  Did anyone relieve themselves in an inappropriate place?  Not counting sinks, as those are totally cromulent places.


I was at the 49ers-Eagles game in 2009 where it was a snowball armageddon. The barrage of snowballs was so unrelenting that I almost couldnt believe my eyes, it looked like a cartoon. Had to be the most memorable pro game I’ve ever been to. I’ve only been to like 4 anyway, all at the Linc.

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