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Thrift Store Gems 2020

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Well I’ve started the new year off well as far as thrifting goes. I found this ‘96-‘06 Sabres jersey with the original sales tags still attached for $16.99! It’s an XL which is too big for me so I’ll be looking to flip it but still an exciting find nonetheless. 


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13 hours ago, johnnysama said:

So I had a good day: I got Lehigh Valley Ironpigs Saturday "bacon" cap for $4, and uncrested jerseys of the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees for $15. I hope I can crest them one day. :D


I have bought so many number kits over the years to letter jerseys & still haven't worked up the courage to try! 

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^ Aah. I usually leave the jerseys w/o a number or name, when possible due to my personal policy (I believe that leaving the jersey w/o those things gives off the impression that you are representing the whole team, and not just one player).


Oddly, the jerseys also had the MLB logo on the rear collar intact.

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The local Burlington Coat Factory occasionally sells New Era '47 MVP adjustable Montreal Expos hats. I picked one up for $8.

In addition, I went to a few Marshalls in Northern VA and Rockville, MD, in which they're selling various Washington Nationals hats for $10. The hats on sale include, but not limited to the 2017 postseason patch on the side panel, the block "W" in the red hat or white hat variety, spring training hats from 2018 and 2019, and 2019 World Series championship hats.


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