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Cleveland Browns Unveil New Uniforms


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Without question an upgrade! The Browns look beautiful again, I love both home and away sets with the striping and actually dig the updated numbers, its nothing wild yet still not basic.block. The Brown face mask is growing on me and it's looks pretty good with the new set. Color Rush  isn't bad, but definitely isn't great either  obviously like others have said why not keep the outgoing one if you're gonna do it. Orange pants would be great as an additional option instead of another set of browns, though I still think we will see them at some point sooner than later. 

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1 minute ago, VDizzle12 said:

This is the only thing giving me hope. Maybe the Browns are just messing with the fanbase. People are not happy about them getting rid of orange.

Translation...we will see the orange sometime this season (maybe) 

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7 minutes ago, Brave-Bird 08 said:

Yeah - I hate the logic of "this stripe SHOULD be this because it's this on this. 


No, the double orange bars are uniform for the home uniform and the road uniform. If the sleeve stripe on the home is white-orange-white-orange-white, why not argue the stripe on the pants shouldn't have a brown fill? You see? Why is one perfect and not the other. 


The home uniform is uniform because it has double orange stripes, and gets its completeness from the fact there are variations to add color and fill.


The road unform is uniform because it has double orange stripes, and gets its completeness from the fact every single stripe sequence is the same. 


Those two are perfect in themselves. Saying the striping patterns need to be a certain way to be perfect is overthinking it. 


I respect your opinion on this, even if I disagree, but I think the bolded is backwards. If the two orange stripes is the consistent element, wouldn't the brown pants they chose match better with a white pant that only has orange stripes? Right now I feel like the pants work together in a vacuum and same with the jerseys, but it's a different standard for each.


If the argument is weighing the general aesthetic of the uniform higher than some arbitrary standard of stripe consistency, then it just comes down to a matter of taste, which is fine.

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3 minutes ago, BeardedFool said:

yeah, orange pants would be nice.  And consistent stripes throughout.




That's worse than what they went with. Consistent striping can be overrated...I'd rather see solid complimentary striping than all stripes the same. 




The number font is close to the Vikings, but when I saw Odell's 13, it kinda reminded me of Kurt Warner:


Kurt Warner,St.Louis Rams. My Favorite ever!!!! | St louis rams ...

Odell Beckham Jr. Cleveland Browns Nike Vapor Limited Player Jersey – Brown

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I love the new Browns jerseys, they have to be in the Top 5 if not Top 3 uniforms in the NFL.  I wouldn't mind buying one of these in the near future (even though I am not a Browns fan).  I would love to see them do good on the football field for once.  Maybe the classic unis could put a spark to that team, it can't hurt.

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4 minutes ago, Derek94 said:

Kudos for not adding the small team wordmark beneath the shield.


That white space looks so clean.



Yep, that’s an underrated element of what they did. No need for a wordmark there.

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4 minutes ago, TheFallenHaveRisen said:

It would appear Nike's designers took the "work from home" order as more home than work

They did what needed to be done and the primaries look good. The color rush by comparison, looks like they hit delete in Photoshop instead of save and sent that off at the last minute. 

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I seem to recall some tweets posted here that Brownie the Elf was going to have a more increased role on various applications (but not the uniforms). I’m holding out hope that’s true and that he’s rolled out more in the future. Though he’d make a far better primary than the helmet, maybe having him around more would offset and balance the use of the helmet a bit?


Related note, I have a Brownie ‘47 Clean Up cap, and it’s honestly one of my favorite caps I own. I hope they roll out more Brownie merch and sideline gear for sure.

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