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Cleveland Browns Unveil New Uniforms


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1 hour ago, VDizzle12 said:

I was on board with the new uniforms because they brought back orange jerseys and pants. There was also some consistency between the striping and the brown facemask was a big improvement over gray. That's really where the positives end. There's just too much going on and they look like a cluttered mess.


Simplify by:

1. Removing 'Browns' from the pants

2. Remove contrasting stitching

3. Remove dropshadows on numbers

4. Switch number colors. White on Home, Brown on Away and I'd actually be okay with Brown on the alternate orange.

5. Don't extend the shoulder striping onto the front of the jersey. Never understood the need for this. Just looks awkward.


I did a quick mock up:

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 7.56.11 AM.png

I like this mock-up, but my only thing is make "Cleveland" smaller. Other than that, I want the Browns to go to this.

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10 hours ago, Old School Fool said:

They're considering a switch to white helmets.




Only the Browns can be this dumb.




Apparently there is historical precedent 


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16 hours ago, Ice_Cap said:

It's the 1984 change all over again. An ill-advised change that's undone as soon as the league will allow it.



Literally repeating history. It's really remarkable that not only does this franchise make new mistakes every year, they also make their old ones too. 




either someone at the Browns or Nike thought the 1984 debacle was a good starting place for a new design because they are so ridiculously similar it's hard to say it wasn't purposeful OR the Browns and Nike went through the entire redesign process and accidentally recreated the 1984 debacle because they never bothered to look through the team's uniform history. The former seems more likely, but in that case WHY? Why use the worst uniform in team history as the basis for a new uniform? The orange numbers on the brown jerseys were famously difficult to read so they switched to white after preseason, but hey maybe this time around it'll work? No, still illegible, arguably moreso with the "rise" shadow. Just stupid all around. 

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1 hour ago, Weapon X said:


These too..



-Swap the primary/alternate status of the the black and M.I.A teal jersey(won't happen, owner hates teal)

-Full pants stripe

-and of course all black helmet, preferably with the teal flakes and you actually have a decent look.

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17 hours ago, oldschoolvikings said:

As far as the uniform goes, this should be the easiest job in history...



Even if they keptthe current jersey font but made it one color ir white with orange outline  it'd be a cool update. 

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Go back to what you had. Maybe use orange pants as an alternate. Forget brown pants forever. Helmet untouched.


And I like the <B> but I'd prefer a <C>, just like my issue with the Bengals logo.


We kept the name and the colors and the uniforms for a reason. If/when the Browns stop sucking, they should be wearing the stripes that Jim Brown wore.

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First off, I don't necessarily hate the Browns uniforms, not the worst redo by Nike. But definitely not the best. I feel like the Browns could just make some changes to their current uniforms and they would be, at least better then what they use now.


Helmets: Change the color of the facemask to White, the brown they use now looks to much like its black on TV and far away.


Jerseys: Change the sleeve stripes to what they looked like in the previous set, flip number color around on all uniforms, except the Orange Alts, leave the drop shadow numbers, and the keep the big CLEVELAND on the chest.


Pants: Get rid of "BROWNS" on the sides of the pants, keep all pants colors they have now, just extend the stripes 

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6 hours ago, leopard88 said:


Now I can't unsee this . . . regarding both issues.  It's like the moment I found out that the opening(?) on the right side of the Bears wishbone C isn't lined up with the point on the left.


Damn it; now I can't unsee that!

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Sadly some of their best years were while wearing the white helmet. But still none the less it would be pretty dumb but at this point what does it matter. 

The next option is relocation or contraction the current club and spinning off part of the Ravens organization back to Cleveland hoping and just pray that breaks the curse. :P

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@andrewharrington isn’t around as much as he used to be, but a handful of years ago, he had a Browns logo concept that was an update of Brownie the Elf — it’s his default picture here, and it’s all I’ve ever wanted out of the team.


There was nothing wrong with the old look, but this look would be fine if it wasn’t botched in so many different ways. Orange numbers were a terrible idea, the stripes continuing onto the front of the jersey unnecessary, the team name in the pants idiotic, the contrasting stitching being the dumbest thing I’ve probably ever seen on an NFL jersey.


Seriously, the motif they went with for the stripes kind of worked. But they botched every other bit of it, it’s absurd.

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In my opinion, switching back to the old look would be the best move for the Browns. But...I don't see Nike and the Browns announcing the change three years in advance and then putting together a big unveiling just to say "Yeah, we decided to go back the '86 uniforms." 

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