MLS 25th Season Fauxback Jerseys

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So I'm not a big fan of this supposed 25th season template from Adidas, given that no MLS team has ever worn the big shoulder stripes before.

That said, I liked @MJWalker45's suggestion of just having '90s fauxbacks and @njdevs7's suggestion of only giving the big shoulder stripes to the inaugural MLS teams.

Therefore, here are my attempts to make the wacky '90s MLS jerseys more palatable!


I'm going out of town for a while, so I wanted to put this out there, but please feel free to leave suggestions and I might try them out when I get back.




Starting with the Colorado Rapids, based on the '96 jersey and the Colorado license plate:


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For DC United, I couldn't figure out how to mesh the shoulder stripes with the signature horizontal chest stripes, so I based this one on their '98 aways:



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And finally, the LA Galaxy rounds it out with a '96 fauxback, combined with the LA flag. I know they've tried doing that before, but they didn't do it justice IMO.



And here's a 25th season logo, for use as a jocktag. The shape and inline font are inspired by the original logo, while the star and beveling come from the current logo.




C&C appreciated. I might release some alternate takes in a couple weeks.

In the meantime, here's hoping that the rest of the new MLS jerseys don't suck!

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Sporting KC should totally use that crest.

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