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XFL 2020 Field Database


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I figured I'd get a head start on the 2020 XFL season fields while I had the time, and put together field templates for all 8 teams. 

All the templates here are the full size that I work with (9144x4344 pixles : 1px=1/2inch scale). Feel free to use these templates if you'd like, for XFL, or any other field concepts.


Dallas - Globe Life Park

I had to guess on what the field may look like, since there has never been a football field at Globe Life Park, but typically grass fields are basic.



DC - Audi Field

Again I had to guess a little bit, so for DC my template mirrors the Redskins field, and again is quite basic.



Houston - TDECU Stadium

The turf in Houston is sewn in, so we can expect lines to show where the professional numbers go on the field, and hashes, similar to Utah in the AAF.



Los Angeles - Dignity Health Sports Park

Same field the Chargers have been playing on, so the template has been based on that field.



New York - MetLife Stadium

Based on the sewn in portions of the Giants and Jets stadium, minus the NFL logo at midfield.



Seattle - Century Link Field

Same field that the Seahawks play on.



St. Louis - The Dome at America's Center

Based on the last field at the stadium when the Rams were in St. Louis



Tampa Bay - Raymond James Stadium

Same playing surface as the Buccaneers



Let's hope the XFL does a better job with fields than they did in 2001, and can match or top the fields of the AAF.



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21 hours ago, Blindsay said:

This doesn’t feel 100% like a concept thing, but I understand it’s a database. Maybe field concepts before they reveal the real thing? Like, this is what I think it might look like.


Don't worry, that's where I was headed with this...


Time for some concepts prior to the season.


Dallas Renegades

I based this field off of the Globe Life Park renderings of a Renegades field, but standerdized the markings to a professional field. I also added the XFL logo at the 25s, which are prominent field spots when viewing on TV. I the XFL logo in team colors, as is done on the XFL footballs.



This was the rendering of Globe Life Park in a football configuration, as I referred to:



Houston Roughnecks

Not much to do with this field. The XFL will have to put down professional hash marks over the field, as well as marks to indicate where the numbers would be on a professional field, as was done with Salt Lake in the AAF. Again, I added team color XFL logos at the 25s. Not much can be done with the rest of the field, since the turf is sewn in, and can't be changed.


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I've done one other concept, this for LA:



Given how the XFL has loved putting the LA claws all over their uniforms, it would be fitting that they put them on the field in the endzones.


Also, an interesting short shot of what looks like a Tampa Bay Vipers painted field (computer generated of course) during the XFL commercial on Fox during one of the playoff games last weekend:



I don't know if we should take this as a possible hint or not. I'd say no, because the media people who make these commercials have nothing to do with the grounds crews. The image from Tampa was taken during a Buccaneers game this season (The NFL 100 logos are still seen on the field!), and there's no way the XFL will fill that many seats. Things of note: that 'V' at midfield is massive, no XFL logos anywhere, and gold endzones for the Vipers (which I'd be okay with given they would be painting the entire endzone). I'd hope for something better than this come game days, and hopefully some designs that can surpass the AAF.

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This is the new turf field in Dallas.



Something of note, which could tell us a bit about the rest of the XFL fields: there is an 'x' at each 2, 5, and 10 yard line, where the XFL 1, 2, and 3 point conversions will take place. Seems like something the league might do for all fields.


Another observation: the numbers in Dallas are similar to what we've seen in Seattle, LA Chargers, and Cleveland in the NFL (and I would assume Seattle in the XFL).



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Well, the fields are certainly no where near as good as the AAF, or NFL for that matter.


Here's DC:



I don't have a problem with the endzones too much. It would be nice to see them pained completely, but not many NFL teams fully paint their endzones either.


The biggest issues are with the rest of the field. All the fields of the XFL have a similar layout as above. XFL logo at midfield, with the slogan, the three conversion x's, and the markings at the 30 and 35 yard lines used for kickoff/kick-return formations.


Then of course, we have ads. The only field so far without the Progressive ads was MetLife Stadium (which is sponsored by another insurance company).


From this point on, I may just post the fields in batches, since there's nothing interesting going on with any of them anyways. The first place fields will end up is on the XFL Uniform Database, if anyone want's to track them as I complete them.

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Given that the stadium ticket pricing fields on the XFL website were very accurate to what we saw this past weekend:







It's safe to say that this is what we can expect for the other four remaining teams, or at least close to it (expect more on-field ads of course).







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