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I was posting this in the Requests forum, but maybe it works better here.

Alright, I've actually gone to the drawing board and starting making my own logos. However, I am not very good at this color combination thing (or not as good as I'd like to be). So, that gives me a new request.

The previous thread is here and is about my online football league. However, I only listed very basic color combinations and would like to let the experts (you all) tweak or change them altogether.

I only listed two per team, but if someone would like to add a third color, I am completely willing to check it out.

The list is Team Name - Color Set - Logo Description:

Wolves - Green and Silver - A Wolf

Blaze - Orange and Red - Stallion Head, Fiery

Titans - Black (or Red) and Silver - Centurion-esq Helmet

Admirals - Blue (Navy) and Gold - Clipper Ship

Venom - Purple and Black - Cobra Head

Predators - Teal/Aqua and Red - Shark

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Ok, instead of blindly giving great color combinations, which I have located a usable resource at ssur.org, I'll post my first attempt at a logo.


I used Crimson, "Blaze" Orange (also known as Buccaneer Orange) and Gold (I was going to use Pewter, but it is too dark).

Is there anyone who'd like to comment or point me in a different direction?


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Where does everyone get their inspiration from? Not necessarily for colors, but for the logo pic itself.

This one is an interesting one, I was inspired by jewelry. It's technically my first real online logo, too.

I just wondered where everyone got their design ideas, if from anywhere. Some people are just THAT good, I realize. Wish I was.


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I don't like the "Blaze" at the bottom, but the logo was the thing I was trying for.


Its just the colors I chose that worry me. I'd like to stick with "fire" as a base, but what do I match it with to get a better combo?


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I've seen quite a few great things on this board since joining (the immediate one that comes to mind is the Anacondas one, from nitroseed now that I think about it), and I only mention that one because its the last one I saw before this post.

When I posted for someone to make me logos in the request area, it was because I don't feel I'm really good at this, but having made that first logo and having it turn out so well has really lit a fire under me to try to fill out all six of my teams.

I just hope the visions for the other five turn out as well as the Blaze horse did.

I tried screwing with the colors and muting them from the "bright and bold" versions I was using helped. For the Wolves one I am going to try to use a version of the Eagles' green instead of a brighter one.

I'm really glad I'm not the only one on the net into logos and uniforms.

Speaking of uni's, anyone else really like the NFL's monochrome movement?

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Well... I have been playing with things... and I have a few more questions.

The original color scheme/logo is as follows:


Now, I have modified the colors here and there, and would love some comments on the differing schemes. Should I stay with option #1 or go with one of the below?


I have also just completed the first logo options for the Wolves. They, along with some other colors, are provided below. Input is not only welcome, but preferred.



Thanks. LimeGuy

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Line thicknesses. The very first thing to work on.

Everywhere on your logos where you have a pencil-thin line, try beefing it up, putting a gradual point to its termination, crecent-shape it (thicker to thinner at the point)

This will help a lot.

With colors, pick a dark, a medium and a light. For instance, on your blaze, go deep, dark crimson, a medium Bucs orange, then a lighter tan color. This will make the desing look more balanced, and will give you a clear definition what to use for outlines, fills, and details.

Cant wait to see more!

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The one thing I am not good at doing, yet, is differenciating the line thickness. Like in the Broncos logo, there are "neck lines" that look great, but when I try to add them, they look like crap.

The color sets I am using are basically "prepackaged" from actual NFL teams. The Blaze logo is from the Buccaneers, only changing the Pewter to Gold (pewter was too dark).

The Wolves logo is using two eras of Phildelphia Eagles green (the last one and the current one) with the current silver. I hadn't intended to use three colors on this one, but I find it increasingly difficult to use only two colors on a logo.

With the first wolf logo I used, the line thickness isn't really needed because of the two colors of fur around the neck. That worked out great, but by accident.

I'm hoping to get better with these as time goes on, but at the moment, I am just getting them done so that I can start using them. :) These days, it is ok for a logo to morph slightly as time goes on (IMO).

Thanks for the art praise, but I don't draw from scratch. I do use "inspiration" but haven't used an actual logo for inspiration yet. Clip art is a nice help, too. :)

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