Falcons New Unis 2020

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I wonder what material the side stripes are made out of. 


A stiffer material might actually work because it won't deform on different body shapes. If they can actually get the panels to line up reasonably well, this could work. If its also super stretchy and deforms weirdly, then it'll look bad. 


I agree on the solid red pants. You've made the red stripe the theme of the set, just keep that through line going. Don't worry about jazzing up the one pair of red pants. 


I'm slightly more optimistic on these. Thought I'd still prefer the pants stripe to be straight and maybe a white facemask. 

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12 hours ago, VDizzle12 said:


Everyone wants the stripes and ATL removed. Then we'd have 3 teams in the NFC South that basically just have a blank jersey with logos on the sleeves. Just seems boring and generic. 

Ironically, people call these uniforms generic. Ain't that something? If we changed to the throwbacks, we'd look like the brothers of Tampa, SanFran, and every other team that has block font and stripes on the pants. The only distinguishable characteristics would be the helmets. It's soulless and cookie cutter stuff.

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