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Falcons New Unis 2020


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8 minutes ago, Olmec said:

Honestly these aren't nearly as bad as what Nike and teams with poor taste are capable of producing (looking at you Titans, Jags, Bucs) but these will look extremely dated in less than 6 years

Sorry the Jaguars boring lifeless uniforms are better than these IMO. ( Current set )

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Looks to me like the stripe is a plain red that is at it's widest at the waist, then tapers both at the bottom by the knee and at the top before reaching the armpit. In that way, it's a bit like Denver's uniform when they wore the navy jerseys over white pants... a relatively plain jersey and pants combo, with this contrasting color stripe meant to unify both. This uniform, worn black over white, white over white, or white over black will be pretty inoffensive IMO. The obvious missteps are with the helmet, if it really is matte with a chrome mask and oversized logo, but I need a better view of that. And the killer is the non-contrasting socks. Black socks with white pants, red socks with black pants would help tremendously.


Of course the alternative uniform is utter garbage, but that's pretty much every alt and/or color rush uniform in the NFL.  The Buccaneers pewter alt is utter garbage, and everyone is raving about them right now. 

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It’s weird that the font is using an anthracite color. Maybe it’s the lighting. And I’m pretty sure the gradient ones have to be the color rush so maybe see them once or twice a year is fine with me. Don’t like them much but at least the font gives the Falcons some character. 

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39 minutes ago, Carasik said:

I think it’s one of the earlier copies. And from Someone at Nike. I’d be shocked if these are the real ones. 


How many times does this need to be said?

Denial is the first stage.

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34 minutes ago, DNAsports said:

It’s quite impressive how fast some of you are to pull the “tHeSe ArE aLrEaDy DaTed” trigger on new uniforms once they get unveiled... or in this case, leaked.

These ARE dated nonsense so 🤷‍♂️

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5 minutes ago, mafiaman said:

I’ve cracked the code:  monkeypower is secretly Dan Quinn!

i have the same sentiment here lol. I dont hate them but i dont like them all that much either. just another case of nike going too far. they cant find that medium at all between going basic and plain and going too dang far

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As @Haz_Matt said, at least we don’t have to worry about the Bucs looking too much like the Falcons now...


In all seriousness, this is pretty disappointing to see. The black and white jerseys are actually pretty nice in a vacuum, I really like the number font, the only egregious aspect is the pants stripe extending up to the side panels. The gradient jersey is where things go wrong, and quickly. I’m actually not opposed to a gradient jersey in principle after seeing it (the Texans come to mind as a team that could pull it off), but for the Falcons it doesn’t allow for nearly enough red in their set. Now they seem to be a black & white team, with red & silver accents.


Also, the matte black helmet with the silver facemask is rough. Matte/satin finishes only work with select colors, and black definitely isn’t one of them. Gloss is the only finish that can work for a black helmet.

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This offseason there are a ton of the leagues bad jerseys getting redone. 


Bucs : 10/10

Falcons : the biggest of yikes

Rams (1/2 bad) : non promising logo

Chargers (meh set) : great logo, jerseys tbd

Browns : “traditional” which is cloudy to me


not looking too hot rn


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