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Falcons New Unis 2020


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1 hour ago, NFLfan10 said:



Why can't teams ever manage to get the socks right? It's so simple.

Contrast to the pants. It's really not that difficult.


I know I'll be in the minority, but I really like the red pants. The same way I like Jax teal pants with either the black or white jersey.  However, this now causes conflict with the red stripe on the jersey and black on the pants

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For me, this going to be an exact duplicate of what I've been saying about the Seahawks since the Nike takeover.  If Seattle would move exclusively to their gray pants, home and road, and dump their dumb alts, their uniform would move from bottom five to somewhere in the 18 to 24 range. Still dopey and overdone, but not aggressively ugly.


That's the exact same here.  Wear the white pants/ black socks exclusively with the black and white jerseys, and never wear that alt, and this is a bit of an upgrade over what it's replacing. But as is, with the monochrome black being the designated primary? They should just be glad the Titans are around.

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6 minutes ago, DG_ThenNowForever said:


If you told people the new Falcons set would be their 03-19 set but simplified, I think most would be on board.


And yet.

(To preface, I promise I’m not at all trying to pick on you, it just so happens that your posts are striking up some thoughts! This all just intended for good discussion 🙂 )


Anyways, to be honest I’m really struggling to see how this is a simplified version of the previous set. There’s just so much different about the elements of it that I’m not seeing the connection. When you say “simplified 03-19 set”, what I’m seeing in my head is a completely different uniform than what we got.

The new set’s facemask is completely different, the helmet logo is enlarged, there’s a completely different (and larger) wordmark, a side panel as opposed to piping, a ton more combinations, a gradient uniform, the number font and side shadow seems a bit more progressive from the previous font than a simplified version (and different colors completely on the white uniform)...it all seems too different to be a simplification of the outgoing set. 

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48 minutes ago, canzman said:

Here are all the Falcons new possible combos


Football fanboy: "Fml the new falconz look like dumpster firez!"


Same fanboy: "Omg oregon's uniformz are littttttt af this szn!!!!!!"

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14 minutes ago, shiznit1083 said:

This forum sometimes man....


I swear people just want to complain just to do it. I can't wait for 5 years from now when everyone starts pining for last year's jersey even though I know for a fact everyone was bitching about the last set when reebok released them

Yeah some people here are even saying the gradient jaguars look was good and “underrated”

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12 minutes ago, Lights Out said:

Oddly enough, the gradient jersey is the only part of this uniform set that doesn't bother me. It has no business working, but it does. The number font is nice too.


Overall, these uniforms look low-budget, like the cheap catalog ordered uniforms that a fly-by-night indoor football team would wear. They don't look like an NFL team. The red pants are probably the worst part of the entire set since they don't match with anything. When will NFL teams learn that inconsistent side panels/stripes look terrible? People complained about the 2003-2019 uniforms, but they're looking pretty damn good right now.

I can't get behind the font, but these aren't as bad as I feel people are making them out to be. 

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To me, the Falcons are a Black, Gray and Red team. That’s who they were when I grew up and I think what looks best. I was really hoping for a return to the Dirty Bird era with Gray pants. Not doing that bummed me out but I was willing to give them a chance with what they came up with. Oh boy. Here we go.


Helmet: Upgrade. I actually think the satin finish and logo size work. 


Jersey: The ATL is comically large. It’s laugh out loud bad. The number font isn’t good, but I’d describe it as passable. The gradient Jersey is everything that’s wrong with “modern Uniform design”. It’s garish and frankly embarrassing that a pro team would wear it. The same level of shame I felt watching my Jaguars wear that dumbass 2 tone helmet will be felt by Falcons fans when they wear this.


Pants: Actually good! Simple enough stripe that pairs well with the logo.


Socks: For the love of god, don’t match sock and pant color, but who am I kidding? Far from a “Falcons thing”


Throwback: Beautiful. I’d prefer Gray pants, but they look like a professional football team in these.

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1 hour ago, BringBackTheVet said:

Were fans really clamoring for black home jerseys?  Based on the fans on this thread, I thought that red - either helmet, jersey, or both - was really popular.


1 hour ago, gosioux76 said:

Not necessarily, but the players apparently were. Based on the video, the players' preferences seemed to have guided this design process. 


It doesn't matter what color fans want. If players were allowed to redesign every team's uniforms, the whole league would end up with mono black and mono white. Players are idiots with no sense for sports aesthetics.

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Most fans in the city wanted black on black and most of my friends who follow the team are okay with the set. Personally I think they are average, not good not bad. The numbers are a little too big and I don’t like the white on white. I hope they realize white on black is the better look. They can 86 the red pants tho...

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The Ballad of the Atlanta Falcons:


This was it, glory was finally within their grasp. All the mistakes, the embarrassment, the failure, it was finally coming to an end. They could stand toe to toe with the goliaths of the game as mighty equals. The Green Bay Packers, the Chicago Bears, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and soon the Atlanta Falcons in the pantheon of the league’s very best.


Everybody knew what they needed to do. Their loyal, tortured fans rejoiced, knowing their team could simply relax, keep it simple, and stroll into a new, prosperous era.


But these were the Falcons! They didn’t get to this point keeping it simple! Why would you run, when you can FLY? And so the Falcons took flight, feeling the glorious wind on their faces! The harmonic cheers of the nation echoed around them, spurring then forward! This was it!


The crowd below watched in horror, the Falcons did not hear their warnings. They could merely watch as it it smashed headfirst into the window of a skyscraper, visible to literally everyone but the foolish raptor.


The Falcon careened back to earth, landing lifelessly in the bottom of the town dump. A familiar feeling of anguish washed over its fans. Things weren’t different, things would never be different. This is who the Falcons always were and always would be.

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