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Atlanta Falcons 2020 Concept


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As a Falcons fan and resident Atlantan, I've been waiting for the day to come for the Dirty Birds to drop their Arena football look and get with the times. Needless to say, I'm excited. I wanted to try my hand at a new look.


This concept is a blending of eras. It uses the red helmet and black jersey combination of the original 1960s teams. Light gray is used in place of white, reminiscent of the old sets with the gray pants and occasionally gray numbers. There are several combinations available as we saw the team use in the mid 2000s.


A lot of concepts employ the shape of the wings on the sleeves and pants. This looks too abstract, in my opinion. I wanted something that resonated as traditional, yet with touches of modernism. For that, I used a single stripe design that thins out in the middle, similar to the wing- yet the shape is still contained within a traditional stripe shape. This evokes a bit of movement and speed without resorting to odd shapes and lines like we've seen from Nike lately. The stripe is consistent across all applications, similar to the Florida Gators.


Take a look at this site I made which allows you to choose your favorite combination:



And a preview:



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I like it, though the the number font does slightly remind me of the current alarm clock numbers the Bucs use. I like the consistency in the striping, did you consider using red numbers with black and light silver outlines for the black and white jerseys? That might look cool. Also wondering if you thought flipping the center stripe on the pants so it started out thicker at the top. That might match the helmet better. 

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Incredible concept and presentation. Every combo looks good.


I would echo that their current font is probably better than this one. For the pants stripe, I would flip it from bottom heavy to top. I think the name and swoosh on the white tops should be red.


Other than that, this set would be a tremendous upgrade that I think Falcons fans everywhere would embrace. Good work!

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