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College Football 2020

Kevin W.

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Pitt Panthers Unveil Steel Gray Alternate Uniforms

September 20, 2020 - 18:20 PM

The Pittsburgh football program unveiled alternate uniforms on Sunday afternoon that pay homage to the city’s steel working industry. The anthracite – or dark gray – uniforms will be worn on Sept. 26 against Louisville and include a hand-painted, light gray helmet with a black facemask and the Panthers’ secondary


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1 hour ago, hormone said:

Are these city editions? Cause I see no reason a blue/yellow team called the panthers need a “steel” uniform with a patch of someone forging metal.


Nike gonna Nike.


And here I thought they were done unnecessarily graying out CFB...silly me.

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17 hours ago, cajunaggie08 said:

Texas A&M finally released pictures of their new road uniform yesterday. As expected, the jersey is an inversed version of the home jersey. There are still no pictures of the maroon pants



Glad to the return of the white facemask. 

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19 hours ago, aawagner011 said:

A&M looks great but I’ll miss the double stripe. That had definitely become their thing. A cleaner version of that uniform would have been a great update. They could even use their new uniforms as the base and add the double stripes to the shoulders.


Can't say I agree that they look great. These new uniforms are dreadfully boring. And between them, Alabama, and Arkansas, that's three teams in the SEC with similar color schemes and similarly plain uniforms. At least Mississippi State and South Carolina have extra trim colors and sleeve stripes to differentiate themselves.


The number font, which is the clear focal point of their new uniforms (since it's not like there's any actual design elements to compete with it), is a downgrade. The old font was identifiable and matched the wordmark. The new one looks like an amateurish free font.


The cherry on top is that - like always - Adidas' TechFit template makes every uniform look worse by stretching and warping everything.


People complained about how college football uniforms were becoming overdesigned in the early-mid 2010s, but honestly, that wasn't any worse than the current era of manufacturers mailing it in with the laziest possible uniforms. Texas A&M is the poster child for this trend. They already had a great classic look, and they threw it away to chase the new fad of making your uniforms look like practice gear.

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Air Force Falcons To Honor Tuskegee Airmen With Air Power Legacy Series Uniforms

September 21, 2020 - 19:51 PM

The Air Force football program unveiled new alternate uniforms on Monday afternoon that honor the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American military aviators in the United States Armed Forces. The marks the fifth alternate uniform in the Air Power Legacy Series, which dates back to the 2016 season, when the Falcons


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27 minutes ago, PosterNutbag said:

Pokes have new '87 Thurman Thomas throwbacks for this weekend. Just as beautiful as the orange variant they wore in honor of Barry Sanders. 




Oh do I sure miss the days when I could instantly identify the two osu's that use black and orange...

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