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College Football 2020

Kevin W.

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Watching them so far this season, I've decided I don't like Texas Tech's pants. The previous set had half and half colouring on the stripe, but this current set is more 5/6 to 1/6-ish. The top colour stripe is lost if the player's jersey isn't completely tucked in or they aren't standing straight up. Plus I think the 5/6 to 1/6-ish is just kind of a dumb look even if the jerseys are tucked in.



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12 minutes ago, lilgump said:

new black jerseys for UW.  Looks like typical Adidas lately where it's basically a practice jersey. Only thing interesting is the under shirt and tights.




Theyre supposed to look like a Husky with the black and white. I wonder what details there are that we just can't see yet.

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35 minutes ago, GriffinM6 said:

Miami will also be unveiling their blackout uniforms tonight. I'm guessing it'll look similar to the Washington ones. Considering there's no gold on those UW unis, then I'm gonna guess Miami will leave green off of their's. 

Griffin just posted it.

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Washington's blackout is super tame when taking into consideration black/purple/gold can look really good. The gimmick with the tights/undershirt is neat, but as we have seen isn't exactly practical if a player chooses to go without those. Miami's are very nice. Exactly what I would expect from a team from Miami. 

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In a battle of pointless black uniforms I guess I'll take Miami over Washington.


Both teams have unique color schemes and don't need black uniforms even though manufacturers have tricked them into thinking that those things will win them recruits. At least Miami maintained some of their colors for their bad black uniforms. Granted that it's easier to make black work with orange than with purple.


Also fun to point out that Arkansas State and Arizona State both went unbeaten in 1975. As someone who pretends to root for Arizona State as an elaborate gimmick, this coincidence is clearly more than a coincidence. Probably some sort of intentional cosmic message about... something?

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