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Music-Sports Crossovers


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I ran - Flock of Seagulls?

flock.of.seagulls.jpg  iranseagulls.gif

"I couldn't get away..."

Is this the sillest idea ever launched here?

:lol: I love it. Perhaps you should have put Barry Melrose in there. BTW, Love the song too. But here's an even better picture


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Mike Score has never looked better!

Interesting note, this video was made before the Mr. Score (guy in photo) gave us that obscure hairstyle (front over one eye and the sides pushed back and up) that most people remeber the band or at least him by...ok mabye it isn't that interesting


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OK, if we're going to take it seriously, I'll offer some further 80's examples.

Kim Wilde - Cambodia and Kids In America.


Hey, if a real team can be called Mighy Ducks of Anaheim, I think Kids in America could work, it has street cred.

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I'm sure you jersey concept boys could come up with some way better ideas for the jersey itself........wrapping the "Van Halen" bars around the bod ala the Habs......or something. But I'm too tired.

I've always thought this logo lent itself to lots of coolness.

Then there could be the variety of alternates......a blue one for the blue album and a bright ass green one for ........the green album.

weezer rules.


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