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The Valenwood Wood Elves!


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So I had an idea years ago to make hockey logos, or any sport really, for all of the races in The Elder Scrolls. This started as a sketch in the Summer of 2015 but I wanted to see it as a real finished piece. Here are the wood elves, or Bosmer, inspired heavily of course by the Blackhawks. I appreciate any and all constructive criticism, especially tips on how to create original logos, if I'm doing it right, tips with Illustrator and what not. I like how it turned out but still just think something looks off. Please leave your feedback!



Original sketch



Final product


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On 2/3/2020 at 11:31 PM, TheHealthiestScratch said:

I think the elf would benefit from the neckline on the back of the head going out to create a fuller neck rather than bending in. Also I think your name would flow better if you dropped the “Wood” so it would read the same when the full name is said Valenwood Elves. 

Thank you for the feedback. I debated including "Wood" in the title to be honest haha

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