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2020 MLB Season


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Oh, look, Dodger déjà vu.


*Kershaw starts

*Offense takes a dirt nap

*Roberts shoves him back out an inning too far

*Kershaw gives up a couple hits and a run

*Roberts continues to have his ass planted on the bench

*Kershaw gives up another hit

*Roberts finally gets off his ass

*The bullpen commits felony arson


I saw on Twitter something that makes a lot of sense.  The Dodgers in the playoffs are Groundhog Day of witnessing Pedro/Grady Little year after year.


I don't want to do the math, but I'd love to see Kershaw's playoff ERA with the inherited baserunners that the bullpen collapses with taken out.  I'd also like to see a manager who knows how to manage a postseason game for once in his life.

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Won't even be a little surprised if Tampa blows it. Their situational hitting is dreadful.  They're basically only good for solo HRs right now.  That they've been right there the last two games despite playing poorly is the only thing giving me hope.


Lowe had a HR today but consistently has the worst at-bats I've ever seen. He needs to find the bench. 

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Like I said, Dodgers shouldn't have splurged on Betts and got Cole or another top pitcher instead.  

And Kershaw should have been shipped off after 2018. 

Why are the Dodgers so insistent on keeping a guy that has done nothing but cost them playoff games? 


The Baseball Gods must also really hate us if we're going to get an Astros - Dodgers rematch. 

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