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UMass Lowell Riverhawks Redesign


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Way back in 2013, while in the dining hall between classes, I quickly sketched out a logo that would go on to become my first logo for a Hockey East program. That design was, as the title suggests, for the UMass Lowell Riverhawks. UML has always had one of my least favorite logos in college sports due to the simple fact that the design is awful. The random blob of a body, the use of impact font, the teeth... So it was pretty natural that this would be my first college hockey design.


Much like my UMaine design, I wanted to take a look back at the old logo, and compare it to my skills and style as of today. The original design completely eschewed the current logo's aesthetics and went for something sleeker and more abstract, while also invoking more of a bird look than the actual logo. Honestly, looking back, there are parts of this logo I really like still, though on the whole there are definitely some problems created by inexperience. It's especially interesting to see the early development of what would become my art style.




For my current design, I had a few goals. First, I wanted to come up with a logo that was a kind of happy medium between the actual logo and my original concept. I also wanted to make the bird look more like an actual River Hawk, better known as the osprey.





Key Features/Changes:


  • As I noted earlier, the logo is designed to look more like a specific bird, the Osprey while also not looking like the most realistic depiction. What can I say, my style is a bit cartoony. The main feature of the face is the streak of dark feathers behind the bird's eye reaching towards the back of the bird's head.
  • The main thing I like about my original concept is the sort of wave design. It feels much more dynamic than the real logo, so I wanted to incorporate that into my current design. The current version is much more compact than the original and takes on more of an oval shape, which I think would look better in application.
  • After considerable debate, I went with a white beak. It just resulted in stronger color balance in my mind.


That's pretty much it from me. I always like showing off my progress, and would love to hear what you guys think about the design!


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