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Cougar Logo Concept


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Hey everybody, I need your guys' help. I'm working on a project to keep me busy during the extended downtime I have, and I can't decide which of these 4 options works best. My original idea was 1, which then turned into 2 with a separated jaw. Then I wondered if an eye would enhance the logo at all. So which of these do you think is best? Also, if you guys have any other comments or suggestions I would love to hear them.


I'll probably upload some more parts of this project as I go, but this is it for now. 




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3 is definitely the best. The jaw looks way better connected than separate, IMO. With the eye is way better than without, but you could have it look forward instead of having it rolling its eye.

I think the forehead is a too big and extends a bit too far onto the snout. Also the neck shape is a bit off, maybe it could be smaller...?


Really nice start, and I think it's pretty close.

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