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Patriots Unveil New Uniforms


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10 minutes ago, kutztown said:

Would be nice to have any inkling of timeframe from the Pats on this front.  Maybe they are going to debut them randomly? 


All we know is “before the draft”.


I believe it’ll be Monday - Patriots Day - with the Chargers on Tuesday and maybe the Rams on Wednesday*, and then the Raiders supposedly unveiling something on Thursday.


I don’t think the NFL wants two or more teams unveiling on the same day.


*Rumors are saying Rams won’t unveil until May, but that would be odd


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1 hour ago, Froob said:

This thread gone from Jaguars to Benjarvus Green-Ellis haha. Where will we be by the time we get these jerseys?

Well, with the way things go around here it’ll probably get to who has the right to wear Houston Oilers throwbacks, the “who owns the Browns/Ravens history” controversy, and of course, gray vs colored masks 🙃

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8 minutes ago, fouhy12 said:

Looks like the same helmet to me. Teaser seems to hint at a merging of new and old, which would fit the idea of updated Color Rush uniforms.


I know this is a stretch, but the Colts using the Color Rush as a base for the new uniform (testing ground), shows me this is exactly what the Pats did. 

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4 minutes ago, heavybass said:

Of all the things I wasn't expecting... The Patriots are going back to their original red.... i assume with grey helmets or return to white?


Where are you getting they are going back to red?




Something old: Number font

Something new: White version of color rush

Something borrowed: Shoulder stripes

Something blue: 90s throwback


Maybe a red alternate (doubt it). 

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15 minutes ago, kutztown said:



Something old:  Bringing back Red as the primary home color

Something new: New White Aways jersey design

Something borrowed: Bledsoe era throwbacks or Pat the Patriot resurgence

Something blue:  All blue color rush


*Something old: the vertical stripes. 

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1 minute ago, WSU151 said:


Where are you getting they are going back to red?


25 minutes ago, jerrylawless3 said:

A quick photo manipulation shows a couple things: Flying Elvis on the sleeve, shoulder stripes, and a similar number typeface.


Those pants look too bright to be blue so I think it's red.

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